Font Optimization


How Google Fonts Can Be Optimized and Simplified: In this article, I’ll discuss how Google fonts can be optimized and simplified. There are some best practices to follow when using fonts on your website, and following these practices will make a big difference. So, read more to get information on this Font Optimization. In the … Read more

Load Google Fonts Locally in WordPress


How to Load Google Fonts Locally and Optimize Cache Headers for Google Fonts in WordPress: To optimize the loading time of your website, install Google Fonts locally and fallback font stacks. Learn more about how to limit requests and optimize the cache headers for Google Fonts in WordPress. You can then easily use them on … Read more

How to Optimize Fonts in WordPress


How to Optimize Fonts in WordPress? If you’re not happy with the default font colors on your site, you can change them in the stylesheet for your theme. To do this, you’ll need to override the styling of any existing elements, such as the body element, which is inherited by all text. If you’re having … Read more