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Android Fonts Free Download:

There are thousands of Android fonts available for download and installation, but you may be wondering which ones are the best. The following article will provide you with the details. Check out these popular free fonts: Source Sans Pro, Blaak, and Recoleta. So, get the latest Android Fonts for free Download.

These fonts look tasteful and elegant while bringing a contemporary touch to your Android device. Let’s get started. Listed below are some of the most popular Android fonts:

Source Sans Pro:

The Source Sans Pro for Android font is a sans-serif family designed by Paul D. Hunt and released for free on Google’s Font Store. It is available for free download in OTF and TTF formats and is suitable for both personal and commercial use. You can use it on the web, as well as in your applications.

It is compatible with both Mac OS X and Windows systems. For font downloads on Android, you must install Android Studio 3.0 or higher. The system will then automatically populate the values in the Google Play services provider.

Make sure to check the documentation for your platform before downloading fonts. For more information, download the sample app in Java, Kotlin, or C#. It includes a sample app for Android that uses Downloadable Fonts. This application demonstrates how to use this font on Android.

  • Once you’ve downloaded and installed the font, you’re ready to use it on your Android device.
  • Source Sans fonts are free for personal and commercial use.
  • You can also use them in presentations and Google documents.
  • Additionally, you can find full glyph complement specimens of the fonts in Adobe’s type store.
  • These pages contain information about each style.
  • When using these fonts, make sure to follow the licenses.


Recoleta is a bold serif font with a retro style and angled strokes. The primary designer is Jorge Cisterna. It was released by Latinotype in Jun 2018. With fifteen styles to choose from, Recoleta can be used for any modern design. Regardless of whether you’re using the font for headlines or body text, Recoleta’s versatility and ease of use are certain to be appreciated.

For a free version of Recoleta, you’ll need an SVIP membership or a one-time payment of 100 coins. Recoleta’s sister font, Roboto, is also free but requires additional subscriptions for commercial use. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a free download of Recoleta for Android, you can find it here.


You can download Blaak fonts for free. There are a total of twelve styles. You can use the display font for headlines, menus, social designs, and packaging. The serif font is best for logos, headings, and displayed text. Whether you’re working on a personal project or need a font for your business, you can download and install the font on your computer.

This free font comes in various sizes, colors, and styles. The serif font is an elegant display font designed by Mans Greenback. It comes in six weights and styles and represents an interpretation of the Modern Classic typeface.

Features of Blaak fonts:

With its sharp serif and smooth curves, the Blaak font family exudes elegance and sophistication. It is available in bold, extra bold, and normal weights. If you’re looking for a modern, sophisticated font for your next project, you should check out the free download of Blaak fonts.

Back to black has a slim persona design and is available in both uppercase and lowercase letters. Its classic and timeless design makes it a perfect choice for badges and labels. The slim and elegant letters of Back to black font make it suitable for all types of creative projects, from personal to commercial.

Download Link:

There are plenty of free fonts available for download from The Free Fonts website. Just be sure to check the license before downloading and using the font. So here you can download the latest Android font for free download.

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