Unicode to Zawgyi


Unicode to Zawgyi – How to Convert Text From Unicode to Zawgyi? Unicode to Zawgyi is a new app that allows users to convert text from a Unicode-compatible font to a Zawgyi-compatible font. It’s a solution that will make it easier for people in Myanmar to communicate with each other on the internet. Until recently, … Read more

Unicode to InPage


Converting Text From InPage to Unicode: Unicode is a distinctive pattern of numeric values that renders every language. It is widely used for the consistent encoding of written text. It is a great help for designers, publishers, and media persons to type Urdu on tablets, mobile phones, or any other device. However, it is not … Read more

Unicode to Bijoy


Unicode to Bijoy Converter: Unicode is a modern standard for identifying characters in the text. It is supported by most web browsers, text editors, and operating systems. However, converting Bijoy text to Unicode is not always easy or convenient. That is why you need this tool. This software is a free online tool that allows … Read more

Microsoft Fonts Linux


Microsoft Fonts Linux: Microsoft Fonts Linux is an open source fonts collection for the Linux community that includes a number of popular Windows fonts, including Arial, Calibri, Cambria, Consolas, Impact, Lucida Sans Unicode, MS Trebuchet, and Verdana. With these Linux fonts, you can easily find a wide variety of fonts for your web pages, desktop … Read more

Microsoft Core Fonts


How to Install Microsoft Core Fonts on Linux? Installing the msttcorefonts package: There are many methods to install Microsoft fonts on Linux. However, the method chosen should be based on the specific distribution. Many Linux distributions do not provide proprietary software by default, so you may need to search for a package that suits your … Read more