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Cursive Fonts:

If you’re looking to add a more personal touch to your writing, try adding a cursive font to your project. This style works great for subheadings and signatures, but it’s not for everyone. Agatha, for example, leans heavily on flourishes, and it’s ideal for showcasing your signature. But which fonts are available? Let’s find out! You can learn more about each style by reading our guides below!

Colombine Light:

The Colombine Light Cursive font family is based on the handwriting of Gudrun Zapf von Hesse. The font evokes a sense of lightheartedness and dancing, typical of the Commedia dell’Arte. It is a great choice for artistic and festive applications, such as certificate text and celebratory text. You can download this font in OpenType, TrueType, and PostScript formats.

The Colombine Light Cursive font family has an appealing simplicity. The letters are made up of thin, pointed letterforms with generous space. It also includes the semi-handwritten Caballero font family, designed by Bo Bernal. Another font family is Thirsty Script, designed by Ryan Martinson. This font is an interesting combination of vintage and modern styles. The letters have shadow layers and old-style figures.

Dancing Script:

The dancing script font family is a collection of free calligraphy fonts that references popular typefaces from the 50s. Dancing script fonts are available for Windows and Macintosh. Heavy boxes perform a quick dance. There are two styles of this font, Regular and Bold. Both have a wide range of characters, and you can download both for free. Dancing Script Regular is a great choice for most design projects.

This free dancing script font family was designed by Pablo Impallari. There are 2 styles to choose from, including Bold and Italic. You can download both styles for personal use, or use either one on your website. Make sure to check the license before using the Dancing Script font family on your website or in your work. It is available in an open-source format, which means you can use it in both commercial and personal projects without worrying about legal issues.

Thirsty Script:

The Thirsty Script font family is a natural script typeface that comes with two weights. The style is similar to calligraphy, and you’ll be able to create many different designs with this font. Thirsty Script contains two hundred stylish characters, including numerals, general punctuation, icons, symbols, and special characters. The font is free for personal use and can be found in a zip file.

Thirsty Script features vintage and contemporary style, combining retro signage scripts with modern sans serifs. Each character in this font family comes with contextual alternates, old-style figures, and contextual alternatives. This font family also supports multiple languages and includes handy ligatures and alternates. Its bold style makes it a great choice for printed projects. You can download the Thirsty Script font family for free from Dafont.

Freestyle Script:

The Freestyle Script font family is a display script typeface that was designed by Colin Brignall and Martin Wait in 1969. Letraset later developed a bold version in 1986 that was more readable than its more casual cousin. The original Freestyle Script font became famous in the 1980s, for its use in commercials, greeting cards, birthday cards, and other decorative uses. It was also used for logos and business cards.

This typeface has received some criticism from typographists, however, as some of its glyphs are duplicated in other typefaces. Some of these typefaces are open source, such as Yellowtail, which is similar in appearance to Freestyle Script. For the best results, avoid using the freestyle Script font for any kind of printout unless you’re confident you can use it professionally. If you need an elegant yet professional font for a business card or other printed material, use another font family like Typograph.

La Sonnambula:

The La Sonnambula Font Family is a handwritten, expanded cursive font that’s perfect for creating elegant titles and calligraphic texts. It also includes four state lines, sans serif typefaces, and a variety of other related things. Its wide language support and gorgeous design make this a font worthy of your consideration. Just be aware that it’s not for everyone – and you may want to use it sparingly.

This elegant typeface was created by de faro and is licensed under the Shareware and Non-Commercial licenses. It supports English, Zulu, and Unicode Blocks Basic Latin. The font family includes accented figures, ornaments, and ligatures. It also includes the Bitcoin symbol and supports a wide variety of other languages. If you’d like to use this font in your project, it’s available for download from Adobe’s website.

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