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Arabic Typefaces:

There are many Arabic typefaces available on the web. You may have heard of Hipfonts, Roboto, Noto, and Product Sans. If you’re unfamiliar with these Arabic fonts, this article will provide you with the basics of each of these typefaces. You can even purchase them for your own use! But before you buy one, be sure to check out our complete review of each font! It will save you money and time!

Product Sans:

The geometric shapes that make up the Google Product Sans typeface were specifically designed to match the typeface’s logo. The typeface has a geometric structure that nearly matches that of Futura. Moreover, its cut-off is perpendicular to the stroke’s tangent. Some slight optical corrections were also made.

The uppercase “G” is a pulled-in circle while the counters of ‘6, ‘8, and ‘9’ are almost perfect circles. The goal of Product Sans was to create a font that was highly legible yet not too imposing. This typeface is derived from the Sans Serif family, which is one of the most popular in the world. This typeface is incredibly versatile.

It can use in a variety of contexts, including websites, apps, and even mobile devices. The typeface is neutral enough to allow for proper separation between the company logo and the product name. It also contains all the letters of the alphabet as well as symbols, fractions, punctuation, and ligatures.


If you are looking for an Arabic font, you should consider the Roboto family. This free, open-source sans-serif typeface comes in many different weights and designs. You can choose between thin, light, regular, bold, and black styles. Its neo-grotesque design and geometric shape make it ideal for a variety of uses. The Roboto family includes both commercial and free versions.

The Roboto font family is one of Google’s signatures. It was originally developed for Android and has evolved over time to be a popular system font for the platform. Also, It comes in 18 different styles and supports all of the basic Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek characters. It is designed for large-scale projects, as well as text-heavy web pages and other documents. It is available in multiple languages and is highly customizable.

Montserrat is a versatile sans-serif font with 18 different weights, including bold, medium, and light. Montserrat goes well with Roboto. Falla One is a medium-contrast display sans-serif, suitable for headlines and body text. Rakkas is a single-weight display typeface for Arabic script. All these fonts can be downloaded for free from Google Fonts.


Noto fonts are available in a number of different styles and languages. The Noto Nastaliq Urdu, a script based on the Nastaliq style of Persian calligraphy, is a popular choice for Arabic and Persian text. It Noto Sans JP, KR, and SC are fonts for the Japanese, Korean, and Chinese scripts. They are similar to traditional Japanese and Chinese fonts but do not exactly match the styles of these languages.

The Noto Sans Regular typeface is available in Latin and Cyrillic and can be used for many languages, including Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and Uygur Kazakh. It also supports the Open Map tiles language, which is a great option for websites and other documents. The Noto font family also supports Arabic and Farsi, so there are many options to choose from. The free fonts are available in several different styles and languages, so they can fit any style or budget.

Hip fonts:

In the past, many designers have struggled to find Arabic typefaces for their websites. But with the rise of Google’s font search, this problem has now been solved. Hipfonts is a design collective that promotes typefaces designed by independent creatives. You can browse through various categories and themes to find a typeface that matches your project. From rudimentary to elegant, Hipfonts Arabic fonts will give you the look you’ve always wanted.

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A hipster font is one of the best ways to express yourself with a personal style. Hipster script is always interesting and handwritten. It’s an excellent choice for header designs, as well as for adding graphic touches to videos. It’s also easy to read, so you can easily translate text into Arabic. Hipfonts Arabic Google Fonts is available for free download, so don’t hesitate to download it today!

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