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Stranger Things Font:

If you’re looking for the perfect font for your Stranger Things logo, then I’ve got your cover. I’m going to show you four different options: ITC Benguiat, Avant Garde Gothic, Itc Souvenir, and Make It Stranger. All of these fonts have been chosen specifically for the Stranger Things logo. You can read more about each font below. But make sure you use a typeface that is suitable for the show’s style.

ITC Benguiat:

The ITC Benguiat font has a long and distinguished history. Ed Benguiat designed more than 600 fonts and has created many logos for various companies. However, he did not know about Stranger Things until The Telegraph contacted him. After the interview, he noticed that royalties were increasing. It is easy to see why he’d want to use his font in the title sequence.

This is a very old typeface, but it creates by a legendary typographer, Ed Benguiat, in the early seventies for the International Typeface Corporation. The Benguiat typeface was often used for book covers in the Stephen King canon. But was later adapted for the screen for a popular show. The font’s charisma has prompted its use in many design projects, including TV shows, movies, and websites.

Avant Garde Gothic:

The avant-garde fonts of the show’s title sequence were created by ITC, based on the ITC Avant Garde Gothic family of geometric sans serif typefaces. The original logo font was created by Herb Lubalin, who also designed the magazine’s cover typeface. Later, Tom Carnase helped design the full typeface. The ITC Avant Garde Gothic font is also used for the show’s subtitle. Which is based on the title of a Stephen King novel.

The font was designed in the late 1970s and complements the ITC Benguiat typeface. The font is available as a digital version and includes special characters. It can use on your computer, as long as you have access to programs that allow you to view and use special characters. Once you have access to the font, you can use it in your work. After all, the font looks so cool on your TV!

ITC Souvenir:

The ITC Souvenir font used in the Stranger Things logo was created by Ed Benguiat, a legendary type designer with 600 typefaces to his credit. Benguiat passed away on Thursday, October 15, at the age of 92. In addition to his wife Elisa Halperin, he leaves two great-grandchildren and a granddaughter. In addition to creating fonts for Stranger Things, Benguiat also designed the typeface used in the Stranger Things logo.

The typeface used in Stranger Things is reminiscent of the typeface used in classic Stephen King books. This typeface is known as ITC Benguiat and is inspired by the styles from the 1980s. It was first released in 1978 by the International Typeface Corporation. Also, It has a long history of uses in sci-fi and phantasmagorical works. It also makes an excellent choice for the logo.

Make It Stranger:

The new Netflix show “Stranger Things” has already inspired fan art, and fans have taken to writing in the title font. In the spirit of the show, there’s a font generator to make it easier than ever to create your own writing in this new style. It’s even better than using a real font, because the creator of the font, Nelson Cash, has made it available for download for free. Take a look at the font generator below!

The creators of the show and the font created by their creative studio, Imaginary Forces, tried many different typefaces before selecting the perfect font for the show. Many different typefaces were tested by Imaginary Forces, and they ultimately chose ITC Benguiat over hand-drawn script fonts or grungy sans serifs. The font is a perfect match for the style of the show and is both modern and retro.

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