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Stranger Things Font Generator:

You can make your own font from the characters and plot lines of the Netflix TV series, “Stranger Things”! Here are four fonts that will work great in this project. They are: ITC Benguiat, Itc Souvenir, Serpentine Sans Oblique, and Rogue Sans Nova Bold. So you can even make your own logo with these fonts! Just make sure to follow the instructions carefully!

ITC Benguiat:

The ITC Benguiat font has made its way to the Netflix sci-fi series Stranger Things. Where the main title is slowly revealed by cast members’ names on a glowing nameplate. Its use in the series inspires by the horror titles from Stephen King books, and fans can download the font for free and use it in their own projects.

This article will show how to use this font to create your own Stranger Things title, or to add your own! The ITC Benguiat font uses in the Stranger Things logo. It was designed by legendary typographer Ed Benguiat in 1977 for the International Typeface Corporation.

Its unusual character shapes and large x-height make it an excellent choice for packaging, advertising, and display applications. Stranger Things has used this font on various designs, from the main logo to album covers. This font is also reminiscent of the typeface used in the Smiths’ album Strangeways.

ITC Souvenir:

ITC Souvenir font is a typeface family created in 1914 by Morris Fuller Benton. The font features a bold outline typeface with 4 different weights and a very clean texture. Its original design was controversial due to the fact that it resembled a comedian sans serif.

However, it has gained a resurgence in recent years thanks to the development of image-Lettering and phototypesetting gear. It can find in a variety of applications, including headlines, posters, and posters. The original version of Souvenir was included in the ATF specimen book in 1923. Since then, many vendors have licensed digitization rights for the typeface.

The URW++ typeface creates to match the original design. The company that created Souvenir has also developed a matching sans serif design. ITC Souvenir font is a highly desirable typeface for use in web design. In fact, this font uses in hundreds of companies worldwide.

Serpentine Sans Oblique:

The main title of the Netflix series “Stranger Things” designs using the ITC Benguiat typeface. The fon was designed by Ed Benguiat and published by the International Typeface Corporation in 1977. It is notable for its unusual character shapes and x-height.

So, It is highly recommended for advertising, menus, packaging, and display applications. The Stranger Things font is reminiscent of the Benguiat typeface’s playful ornate design. The logo of Hawkins Light and Power uses the Kimberly typeface, which has a sci-fi vibe with elongated glyphs.

This font looks clean but sinister. Another use for the Serpentine Sans Oblique font is the Family Video Store logo, which makes use of the serpentine Sans Oblique family. The serpentine Sans Oblique font is particularly suitable for the show’s posters and title cards.

Rogue Sans Nova Bold:

Using the Rogue Sans Nova Bold font generator to create the title sequence, the creators of the television show inspires by the typeface used in Stephen King’s books. The Duffer Brothers chose 12 of King’s horror stories as inspiration for the title sequence.

Also, the font is free to download. The title sequence is very similar to the Rogue Sans Nova Bold font used in the film’s marketing campaign.

Download Link:

As a fan of the show, you may be wondering how to make the title screen appear in your own text. Luckily, there are a number of font generators for this popular show. The Rogue Sans Nova Bold font is a classic Device typeface.

The retro-style style and recognizable type are sure to win over fans of the show. You can even use the Rogue Sans Nova Bold font generator to create the Stranger Things logo. So here is the Stranger Things Font Generator is available here.

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