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Montserrat Roman Font:

You can choose from a variety of fonts when it comes to a brand-new design. The Montserrat font was designed by Julieta Ulanovsky. She hoped to spread the concept of urban typography around the world. The Montserrat font is becoming one of the most popular and was included in the top 10 fonts in 2017! Read on to learn more about this stylish font! And be sure to check out the font’s review to see what users have to say about it.


Raleway is a clean, elegant sans-serif typeface from The League of Moveable Type. This font features a round demeanor that blends in well with a wide range of serifs and sans-serifs. It also includes a full range of diacritics. Like Montserrat, Raleway is most often used for display use.

HK Grotesk(TM) Pro:

The geometric design of the HK Grotesk(TM) – Pro Montserrat Roman Font makes it an ideal choice for urban typography. The font family includes 36 styles and is free to download and use for personal and commercial projects. Designer Julieta Ulanovsky wanted the font to embody the beauty of urban typography. In particular, she was inspired by color, light, and day and night. The result is a typeface that captures the true beauty of its surroundings.

Ale Paul:

Julieta Gonzalez is a graphic designer and founder of ZkySky, a design studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She earned her degree in typeface design from the Universidad de Buenos Aires in 1989. She currently lives and works in the Montserrat neighborhood of the city. Her design influences include Juan Pablo del Peral, Alejandro Paul, and Harald Geisler. She is currently working on developing variants of her typeface, with plans of creating a full Montserrat family one day.

Carolina Giovagnoli:

If you’re looking for a unique typeface, consider trying the Montserrat Roman Font. This sans-serif font was designed by Julieta Ulanovsky in 2011. It has more than one million users and is often used in user interfaces, presentations, and more. Its distinctive geometric forms combine with a clean, elegant style to create something both unique and memorable. You can find this font in nine weights and eight styles.

Andres Torresi:

So, this typeface is inspired by vintage posters and signs from the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Montserrat. Urban development destroyed many of these unique designs and this typeface was designed to capture those original forms and set them free. So, originally, this font was designed by Julieta Ulanovsky and was released in 2011. So, there are 2 sister families to this typeface: the Subryada Font and the Alternates Font. Each family features unique characters.

Juan Pablo del Peral:

So, this typeface family was created by Juan Pablo del Peral in 2011. Also, the designer collaborated with other people to create it, including Ale Paul, Carolina Giovagnoli, and Andres Torresi. The font has been updated several times since its original release to add more characters and features. In 2007, Jacques Le Bailly redesigned the font, while Jacques Le Bailly and Julieta Ulanovsky redrawn the family to improve the weights and character morphology.

Sol Matas:

So, the Sol Matas Montserrat Roman font was created by Julieta Ulanovsky and was inspired by old posters and signs from the neighborhood of the same name in Buenos Aires, Argentina. So, when urban development changed the area, these signs and posters lost their original shape and became a thing of the past. Ulanovsky wanted to preserve these unique designs and set them free, so she took inspiration from archival images of the neighborhood.

4.1 36 votes
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