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Montserrat Family Font:

The Montserrat Family Font is a handwritten, multilingual typeface created by Ale Paul, Jacques Le Bailly, and Carolina Giovagnoli. These designers drew on their knowledge of the neighborhood of Montserrat to create a typeface with a distinctive style. The original family is known as the Subrayada, but the font has been revised for use in more modern writing styles. The Montserrat fonts are also available in Cyrillic, which is the most common variant.

Jacques Le Bailly:

So, the Montserrat Family Font is a beautiful sans-serif typeface that was designed by the renowned graphic designer Julieta Ulanovsky. The font family consists of two sister families – Subryada and Alternates. Both font families feature an assortment of special characters and have been adapted for various purposes. These two fonts are particularly attractive and have an excellent combination of legibility and appeal.

Ale Paul:

The Ale Paul Montserrat Family Font is a geometric sans serif designed for editorial and digital use. Its open, candid design and square terminals make it ideal for running text. While it lacks the distinctive serif style, it does have impressive corporate capabilities. Whether you’re looking for a bold, modern, or stylish font, Montserrat is a great choice. The font is available in several weights and styles.

Carolina Giovagnoli:

The Montserrat Family Font is a sans-serif typeface created by noted graphic designer Julieta Ulanovsky. It includes two sister families, Subryada and Alternates, which are each composed of numerous special characters. Its full set of weights, italics, and alternate characters make it an excellent choice for any design project. Among its sister families, the Subrayada is especially suitable for long, intricate texts.

Andres Torresi:

So, the designer of the Montserrat Family Font, Julieta Ulanovsky, has created a typeface that’s inspired by vintage posters and signs from Buenos Aires’s Montserrat neighborhood. As urban development changed the character of the neighborhood, these posters and signs began to lose their original form. Julieta Ulanovsky wanted to preserve these unique designs and set them free.

Juan Pablo del Peral:

The font is a variation of the original, called Monts. Originally developed in the 1990s by Jose Luis Osorio, the family has been updated and refined to accommodate different languages. Its name comes from the street in Montserrat, Buenos Aires, where the font was first discovered. The original font was created by José Luis Osorio, but the new versions are based on the design by Julieta Ulanovsky.

Sol Matas:

Julieta Ulanovsky, the designer of the Montserrat font family, drew inspiration from posters, signs, and other vintage documents in Buenos Aires’s Montserrat neighborhood. These types of materials had long since lost their original form due to urban development, so Ulanovsky aimed to preserve these types of designs and release them for free use. This font is a perfect example of the benefits of free typefaces.

3.3 4 votes
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