Best Canva Font Combinations

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The Best Canva Font Combinations:

If you’re looking for the perfect font combination for your design project, you’ve come to the right place. This article will go over Black Mango, Alex Brush, Quattrocento, Bitter, and Montserrat. These fonts will make your project stand out from the crowd. Read more to get information on this Best Canva Font Combinations.

Black Mango, Alex Brush, and Quattrocento font combinations:

There are a variety of font combinations available in Canva. Some of them are elegant, others are playful, and some are more traditional. Black Mango, Alex Brush, and Quattrocento are three examples of font combinations that would work well in various projects.

The combination of Crushed and Alex Brush fonts will give your design a bold and clean look. These fonts are great for headings, as they are both bold and elegant. Crushed will convey a serious tone, but Alex Brush will counteract this with its feminine letters. Quattrocento, on the other hand, is an elegant and simple font that will add a sophisticated look to any design.


Montserrat is a stylish and versatile font that is suitable for use in a variety of designs. It can be used as the main font or secondary font, depending on the design. To give your design a more professional appearance, use Montserrat in conjunction with the calligraphy-inspired Mrs. Sheppard script font.

This font combination is ideal for use in editorial designs, such as magazine covers. You can easily create a magazine-style layout in Canva using this font combination. Abril Fatface is an eye-catching font that goes well with Montserrat. It has an old-world look, yet is considered modern and elegant. It is ideal for use in headings and is available in both a bold and a light version.


A classic typeface with a modern twist, Bitter pairs perfectly with the bold font Montserrat. This pairing is ideal for social media posts, logo designs, and other design projects. Its large x-height and thick strokes make it highly legible on screen. It is available in bold, italic, and normal styles. This font is especially suitable for fashion bloggers and interior designers, who want to present their work in an authoritative manner.

Another good font combination to use with Bitter is Chagla Folt. This font has a vintage style and thick, swirly strokes. It is a beautiful combination of headings that will give off a vintage vibe. It can also be used with the serious-looking Neue Machina. Alternatively, you can use both types of fonts to create a clean and slender body text.

Alex Brush:

If you’re looking to create a beautiful invitation, you should use a script font like Alex Brush. The font family contains different styles, and you can find it free on easily Google Fonts. It was created by Simon walker and Derren Lamson. This font family has a flowing, casual feel, and is a great choice for invitations. This font is also free for commercial use. You can pair it with the freak chicken font for a stylish, modern design.

When choosing a font, make sure to consider its appearance and feel. For example, a font called Crushed will have a very modern and bold appearance but will look out of place on an older design. Alex Brush, on the other hand, has a more feminine, elegant feel and would be perfect for headings. The font combination can also be used in body text. You can find it on Google Fonts, Easil, and TypeSETit.


One of the easiest ways to create an eye-catching headline is by using the Sacramento typeface. Inspired by hand-lettering artists’ brochure work from the 1950s, Sacramento is a semi-connected monoline script that strikes a balance between a formal and friendly aesthetic. When used in combination with other fonts, it creates a clean, minimal aesthetic.

This type of font is perfect for a variety of uses, ranging from branding and logos to quotes, menus, and text. It’s also available for download for free at Canva.

Chagla Folt:

Creating an attractive design doesn’t have to be a difficult task if you know how to combine the right fonts for the job. For example, you can use Chagla Folt, which is a vintage and elegant font with thin, bold strokes. Combine it with another font, such as Garet, for a subtle, masculine tone and clean geometric characters.

The fonts you choose to use will greatly affect the overall feel and look of your design. The right font choice will make your content easy to read and convey your message in a way that is meaningful to your audience. This is a fundamental step in creating a brand identity.

League Spartan:

If you’re looking for a bold, modern font to use in your design, League Spartan is a good choice. The combination of this serif font and its lightweight counterpart, Libre Baskerville, creates a strong visual hierarchy.

The two also complement each other nicely. For a more playful look, consider pairing League Spartan with a more delicate serif font, such as Playfair Display. Then, use the contrasting styles of these two fonts to create a social media-friendly design.

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The League Spartan font is a modern typeface with a geometric form, which contrasts well with Libre Baskerville. In addition to its geometric form, League Spartan provides a clean, compact appearance, which makes dense information readable.

Its serif style is well suited for body copy because the short lines of text are easy to read. Julius Sans One, on the other hand, has a thicker baseline and fine stroke than League Spartan, making it a great display font.

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