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How to Find a Font in a Photo, PDF, Or Website With Adobe Font Identifier?

If you’re wondering how to find a font in a photo, PDF, or website, Adobe Font Identifier can help. It has several useful features for font matching. These include a color picker, font outliner, and font matching. To get started, download the free app through Adobe.

Identifying a font in a photo:

Adobe Photoshop has a feature that can detect fonts in images. However, many people are unaware of it. The software’s font detection process works best when typefaces are similar. However, it may not be accurate in photos where fonts are not so common. In such cases, it is best to use a clear reference image with a font that is not distorted.

In order to identify a font in a photo, first crop the image and select at least four to ten letters from the font. Next, adjust the contrast and brightness of the text. Finally, input the appropriate characters. This process will take a few minutes.


If you are looking for a free tool to help you identify fonts in images, consider a free tool called WhatTheFont. It is a mobile application that helps you identify fonts in images without the help of a computer.

  • You can take a photo of text with your phone or tablet, crop the image to text, and then use the app to identify the font.
  • After selecting a font, the software will display the typefaces that match the font in the photo. The program can also identify fonts from a Typekit account.
  • In order to use the service, you must be a Creative Cloud member and have a valid Creative Cloud username.
  • Once you are signed in, you can open an image and click the Match Font tool. You can then select from among a list of fonts on your computer or Typekit account.
  • Once you find the right font, you can mark it as a favorite.

Identifying a font in a website:

Identifying a font on a web page is easy when you use a web font identification tool like Adobe Font Identifier. First, you need to crop the image and choose four to ten letters of font to identify. You should also adjust the contrast and brightness of the text. Lastly, you need to enter the appropriate characters from the font.


Another tool you can use is Fontanella, a free web browser extension that displays the name of the font when you hover over it. This tool is even more useful if you want to identify the font used in an image. It will also tell you whether it is available via Google Fonts or Typekit.

Adobe Capture:

Another tool for identifying fonts is Adobe Capture, a mobile app available for iOS and Android. This tool analyzes the text line and finds the closest match in Adobe’s Typekit font library. This tool can also identify fonts in images on Adobe Stock or Creative Cloud.


Adobe Fonts has a huge collection of fonts, with over 20,000 different typefaces. It is important to select a font that is compatible with the brand’s style guidelines and works well with the site’s theme and UI. A good font can make a great first impression on a customer. The Adobe Fonts library is free for Creative Cloud subscribers.

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