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WhatFontIs With Font Squirrel Matcherator:

If you’re looking for a way to find out which font is embedded in an image, the Font Squirrel Matcherator can help you. This service utilizes image search to identify the typeface embedded in any image. Just upload the image and Font Squirrel will give you options for the typeface. It can also detect fonts that are embedded in other files. There are several benefits of Font Squirrel.

Here is the Font Squirrel Matcherator


WhatFontIs with Font Squirrel Matcherator is a web-based tool for identifying fonts. If you don’t know the name of a font, you can upload a photo or URL to determine its identity. The search results include the font name, a sample of the font, and the designer of the font. This application can also help you find similar fonts, free or otherwise.

How to Use WhatFontIs?

To use WhatFontIs, you need to have a web browser bookmark. Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and IE8+ are supported. After you log in, click a font to view its details. FontSquirrel’s search function will show you hundreds of possible matches. You can also drag and drop images to identify fonts with the app. You can find a matching font in a matter of seconds.

Features of WhatFontIs:

  • WhatFontIs can also identify fonts based on their appearance. You can simply upload an image of a font you’d like to identify. The site will then show you a list of fonts that look similar to the image.
  • WhatFontIs is also available as a Chrome extension. If you’d prefer to use a desktop application, FontSquirrel Matcherator can be downloaded from their site.
  • WhatFontIs is a free online tool for identifying fonts based on their appearance.
  • The service compares text from a photo to a database of fonts and displays the font name, size, and color.
  • With its wide database of fonts, WhatFontIs is a helpful tool to identify any font in an image. You can even use it to download the font for commercial use.

Another font finder available is the FontSpring Matcherator. Like WhatFontIs, it uses advanced AI to identify fonts. It searches over 130,000 fonts and displays a list of possible matches. As an added bonus, you can upload an image of the font to compare it with others. If the result is the same, you can purchase the font. If you find one that you like, you’ll have a few choices to make.


If you’re looking for a font, identifying it with Identifont can be a good first step. The software has over 11000 different font types and can be used to find a font by its name or appearance. The user can also enter a portion of the font name or its similarity to the targeted font to find a similar font. The program’s name recognition algorithm can be used to detect a similar font, too, and is highly effective.

Features of Identifont:

  • Identifont is a great free font identifier that has many options for finding the perfect font. You can use it to look up fonts without images by name, similarity, designer, or even unusual font features.
  • Several categories are available for free download and can be found by typing in the words or phrases in the picture. The results of the Identifont search can be compared with the free fonts on Font Squirrel Matcherator and Font Squirrel.
  • Another great feature of Identifont is its ability to match font names and images. Users can upload an image of a font and it will match up to 60 different fonts. The matching results also include links to buy or download the font.

Users can subscribe to this website for more advanced search capabilities and improved search results. The subscription is free and offers a number of fonts. The matcherator tool has over 650,000 fonts indexed, both free and commercial.

Download Link:

Another feature of the tool is its ability to identify fonts by their appearance. Users can upload an image of a font, and the app will quickly identify the font for you. If you are not able to locate a font from an image, you can enter the URL of the font in the box to find out more information.

There are even options to purchase the font. For commercial use, you’ll need to pay for the font and purchase the rights to use it. So you are at the final step now to download your favorite app for your device. We hope that this post will help you to download the free app now.

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