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SF Pro Font – A Neutral, Flexible Sans-Serif Typeface For All System Apps on iOS, MacOS, and TvOS:

A neutral, flexible sans-serif font used by Apple for all system apps on iOS, macOS, and tvOS. With nine weights and variable optical sizes, San Francisco offers optimal legibility and flexibility at every size. So, you can download the latest version of SF Pro Font TTF GitHub.

SF Mono is a monospaced variant of San Francisco that enables alignment between rows and columns of text and is used in coding environments like Xcode. It also includes a rounded variant.

San Francisco:

San Francisco is a free, open-source neo-grotesque sans-serif typeface that Apple created for their watchOS platform. It is a versatile font that can be used for logo designs and other graphic applications. It is a great option for any design that requires a classic look. Also, It can be used to create retro-inspired designs.

It is available in nine weights, includes a rounded variant, and has variable optical sizes. It is easy to read in small sizes and maintains a modern appearance. In addition, it is scalable and supports more than 150 languages. SF Pro is also the default system font for macOS and iOS. This allows apps to feel more native and reduce network requests. This font is a good alternative to web fonts, which can cause performance problems in some browsers.

SF Mono:

A monospaced variant of San Francisco that enables alignment between rows and columns of text, used in coding environments like Xcode. It has a stricter and more ‘tech’ personality with slightly wider letters and a true italic style. Its forms are easy to perceive, with no extra details that could confuse the eye and slow down reading. They are also reshaped to fit better into a pixel grid and reduce noise.

A system font for a range of Apple platforms and interfaces. It supports all core languages of iOS, macOS, and tvOS. It comes with nine weights, and variable optical sizes for optimal legibility, and includes a rounded variant.

SF Arabic:

A contemporary interpretation of Naskh’s style with a rational and flexible design. This extension of San Francisco is the system font for iOS, iPad OS, macOS, and tvOS. It includes nine weights, variable optical sizes, and a rounded variant. It supports over 150 languages using Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic scripts. Designed by Pascal Zoghbi and Jan Fromm.

General-purpose san with a geometric form inspired by both mechanical and calligraphic styles. It is designed to work well at small sizes for body text and larger sizes for headlines. Also, It supports over 100 languages in weights ranging from ExtraLight to Black in upright and italic versions. It is part of the Zarid family, which also includes Serif and Slab counterparts. The Last Resort font contains glyphs that are used as a backup if a font cannot represent certain Unicode characters; the missing glyphs will be displayed when using this Magisk module.

Material Symbols:

SF Pro includes a set of fonts with four adjustable variable font axes, fill (filled/unfilled), weight, grade, and optical size. This makes it easy to customize the appearance of your icons with just a few lines of CSS.

These glyphs are designed to follow the Material Design guidelines and look best when used at our recommended icon sizes and colors. Use the styles in this git repository to easily apply our recommended icon sizes and colors in your web or mobile app.

For the most optimal performance, we recommend hosting these fonts on a CDN. This will reduce load times and bandwidth usage, especially on mobile devices where every byte counts.

So, the local() function can be used to specify a font name, and browsers will try to match that against the user’s installed copy of the font. If it is not found, then a font resource specified with the URL () function will be downloaded instead.

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