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5 Popular 3D Block Fonts:

3D Block Font is a popular typography design choice that can make your designs stand out and look more fun and playful. This collection includes a variety of 3D fonts that you can use in your next project.

Strong Girls is a layered font that looks like a superhero-esque design, making it great for posters, labels, and other creative designs. Jamer is another 3D layered font with a pixelated design that would work well in gaming-related designs.


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La Venice:

Bring a touch of vintage elegance to your designs with this stunning 3D font. It includes upper and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, ligatures, and foreign language support.

Lend street-cred to your projects with this graffiti-inspired font. It features a fun style that will add some edge to posters, signage, album covers, T-shirts, and more.

Try out this 3D text effect in Photoshop to make your texts sizzle. This PSD file comes with well-organized layers, making customization easy.

From Cartoon Blocks:

From Cartoon Blocks is a fun font that works well with a variety of design elements. You can use the free font to create text graphics and logos. You can also use the online font generator to customize and preview the font.

The font is designed by Galdino Otten and is available for personal use. The font has 1 different style.


If you’re looking for a 3D font with a chiseled texture, try Authentic. It looks like it was constructed out of a bunch of steel construction materials and would work well in industrial designs.

Another great option is Komyca, a three-dimensional font that resembles the lettering on comic books. It’s also a good choice for designs that need a little razzle-dazzle.

Spy Royal:

Spy Royal is a beautiful font that will look great on everything from cocktails to retro cars and even airplanes. It features ligatures, alternate characters, and West European diacritics. It is also free for non-commercial use.

The Royal Spy is a fun book with plenty of action, adventure, and romance. While there are a few grammar and punctuation errors, the story is well-paced and interesting from start to finish.

Playbook Typeface:

Playbook is an outline font that can add a unique touch to your designs. This versatile font can be used for a variety of projects, from theater productions to book covers. Its energetic and eclectic style makes it perfect for a variety of projects.

This typeface is ideal for all your hi-tech, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence projects. It has an elegant, futuristic look that will make your projects stand out.

Ultra Modern:

Designed by Emmeran Richard, Blanka is a modern font with a strong presence. Its minimalistic letters have a specific section cut off, giving them a stencil feel. It works well in titles and headers to draw attention.

This elegant, geometric font is perfect for projects that require a more feminine style. Its rounded corners soften its futuristic design. Suitable for logos and quote graphics, it also looks great in website banners.

Vintage Spaghetti:

Vintage Spaghetti is a fun and stylish bar sign that’s fully customizable! Just add a name and your message to create a unique piece of art.

Poodle figurines were all the rage in the 1950s. One of the most popular styles was spaghetti art ware, in which ceramicists used tea strainers to push materials like clays and glaze through to create delicate strands for the poodle’s signature hairdo.


With this hand-drawn chalk font, you can bring back that nostalgic feeling of scribbling on the blackboard. It comes with a variety of ornaments and textures to give you that authentic chalkboard look.

One of the more solid options on this list, BiteChalk is a legible option that communicates effectively. It thrives best in poster designs and branding efforts overall. It features a full set of upper and lowercase letters and basic punctuation marks.

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