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Palitoon Font:

The Blossoming Constellation Font combines the celestial allure of constellations with the untamed beauty of blossoming flowers. This Palitoon Font Free Download script features OpenType ligatures, stylistic alternates, and many head/beginning and tail/ending swashes for an extra touch of flair.

Palitoon is a free Font for personal use, licensed under the SIL Open Font License. This license allows the user to study, modify, and distribute modified versions of the font. It provided that the reserved name is not used by any derivative work.


Palitoon is a font designed by Daniel Maciel. It contains 1 file and supports 40 languages. This font is free for both commercial and non-commercial use. It is licensed under the SIL Open Font License (OFL). This is a standard license that attempts to balance the needs of free software and typeface design.

Those who want to use this font for commercial purposes should contact the author directly or purchase a license from FontGoods. The font is available in several formats and can be used on different devices. It also has a wide range of typographic styles, making it suitable for various projects. This makes it easy to create a professional-looking project.

Another benefit of using Palitoon is that it can be easily downloaded from the internet. The font is available for download in ZIP format and can be installed on any computer or device. Those who are unsure of the license can check the readme files in the archive or on the indicated author’s website. The license mentioned above is just an indication, so it’s important to read the actual license before downloading the font. This will help ensure that the font is safe to use and does not contain any malware or viruses.

Open Font License:

The Open Font License (OFL) is a free software license created by SIL International. A global non-profit focused on “sustainable language development through research, translation, training, and materials development”. Its purpose is to promote collaboration in the development and distribution of fonts. It allows for the use, modification, and redistribution of fonts with some restrictions.

Specifically, it requires that the original and any modified version of the font contain the copyright notice and license statement specified in the OFL. These can be included either as stand-alone text files or in the appropriate machine-readable metadata fields within text or binary files. This can help prevent confusion that could occur when multiple versions of a font are distributed in a single package or application.

It also requires that any derivative work be shared under the same terms as the original font. This makes it easier for developers to incorporate fonts into their projects. The OFL also protects authors from the misuse of their works by others. It also ensures that the fonts will always be accessible to their intended users.

Another benefit of the OFL is that it does not restrict how a font can be used. Unlike some other free fonts, it does not require that any of its components be bundled or embedded with software. The exception to this is if the fonts are offered by a website service that requires them to be bundled or embedded to function properly.


Fonts presented on this site are either free for personal use or demo versions of commercially licensed fonts. If the author’s license is not indicated above the download button it’s suggested to check for further license information documentation included in any archive (presented for your convenience when possible in font preview mode) or to contact the designer directly.

Palitoon is a Regular font, designed by Daniel Maciel and published by FontGet. This font has 1 style. It’s available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Palitoon is perfect for highlighting your design elements.

The font is equipped with small caps, accents, and a good variety of symbols and punctuation marks that allow you to create appealing text graphics. Its display brushlike typeface is suitable for projects aimed at children or young people in good-colored and fun print and digital publications. It’s also well suited for use with the many applications that require a good and clean typeface in large headlines or posters. The font comes with a wide range of language support for most Latin-based languages and is a great choice for international design projects. If you’re not sure how to use the font. Try using our online text generator for a preview and advice on how to best apply it to your project.


Palitoon Font Free Download is a beautiful display brushlike typeface that works well with many different design elements. This font is perfect for fun designs, especially when used in headlines. It’s also great for print and digital projects, such as brochures, flyers, posters, and other promotional materials. It comes with a wide selection of languages and features small caps, accents, and other special characters.

The font is free for personal use, but please note that this is a “DEMO” font and can only be used for PERSONAL USE! If you want to use it for commercial purposes, please contact the author to obtain a commercial license.

Platoon was designed by Daniel Maciel and is licensed under the SIL Open Font License 1.1. This license is intended to strike a balance between the needs of free software and those of the font design community. The license is fairly broad and allows for both commercial and noncommercial use of the font. You can find more information about the font license in the readme file in the archive or on the author’s website. Alternatively, you can purchase a commercial license from FontGoods. They offer a variety of fonts and licensing options for businesses and individuals.

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