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1960s Font:

Add a groovy touch to your designs with these 1960s Font Download Free. They feature eye-catching letterforms that encapsulate the rebellious spirit of the era. They look amazing on posters, logos, album covers, social media graphics, and other retro artwork.

Psychedelic cap fonts like Aprila have a distinct vintage style with varying baselines, gorgeous ligatures, and multilingual support. These are perfect for t-shirt designs and other creative projects that require a hippie flair.


A groovy script font, Billanta has an unmistakable retro feel that is perfect for logos, branding, posters and flyers, apparel and merchandise, product packaging, and more. It features uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, ligatures, alternates, and glyphs for customization. This font is free for personal use.

Changing is an entertaining font that provides plenty of room for experimenting, thanks to its letter combinations and interlocking pairs. It works best for large text and comes in a single weight. You’ll need a program that supports OpenType technologies to get the most out of this font.

Quechely is a versatile font that you can use for a variety of different projects. Its psychedelic style goes perfectly with 1960s designs, and you can use it for posters, album covers, book covers, and other vintage advertisements. It includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, ligatures, swashes, glyphs, and multilingual support.

Far Out:

The ’60s was a decade that saw a shift in fashion, music, art, and politics. From bell bottoms to tie-dyes, this innovative time brought with it a style that was distinct from the previous era. This collection of 1960s fonts captures that authentic look.

You can use Psychedelia for gig posters, album cover designs, t-shirts, other merchandise, and more. This psychedelic font has uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, alternates, ligatures, and multilingual support. You can also download a web font version of the font.

Hangier is a bold serif font that has an unmistakable vintage feel. It includes ligatures and glyphs to help you customize your designs. It works best with large text where the decorative elements can be easily seen.


If you’re looking for a font that gives off vintage hippie vibes, then Quechely is the perfect choice. This bold font was designed with a vintage feel in mind, and it’s great for creating signs, logos, and more. It has three different styles, including regular, outline, and extruded. It also includes ligatures and multilingual support.

Another 1960s Font Download Free is Pure Psychedelia, which has a unique design and is ideal for groovy designs. It is a slab-style font that can be used for logos, branding, apparel, posters, and flyers. It has a retro-chic look and is available in one weight.

Another option is the wavy Retrolife font, which has a cool 1960s Font Download Free design and is free for personal use. This font is ideal for creating a retro-style poster or headline, and it includes ligatures and stylistic alternates to help you create a unique design. This font is perfect for retro designs, but it can also be used in modern designs.

Mind Explorer:

With its psychedelic style, Mind Explorer is perfect for vintage signs and groovy designs. It comes with a regular version and an outline variation that you can use together or separately to create different effects. It also includes stylistic alternatives, ligatures, and swashes. You can use this font for posters, book covers, movie posters, apparel, and other merchandise.

Another great option is Changing, which has a fun 1960s Font Download Free vibe and quirky lettering. It’s great for album and poster design, clothing, logos, labels, packaging, and other retro designs. This font includes upper and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, ligatures, and alternates, as well as multilingual support and a web font.

If you’re looking for more great fonts like these, try out the amazing collection on Envato Elements. With an Elements subscription, you can get unlimited downloads of 39,000+ fonts and millions more creative assets like images, videos, stock music, templates, and much more.

Sixties Flashback:

Evoke a sense of psychedelia in your designs with Sixties Flashback. Its lettering style is authentic to the era, making it perfect for music posters, album covers, book titles, vintage advertisements, and more. You’ll also love its use of ligatures and alternates for a more personalized look. The font is available in a single weight with uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, punctuation, and multilingual support. A web font is included as well.

Psych is another retro font that offers a genuine 1960s feel. Its psychedelic style makes it ideal for music posters, party flyers, invitations, apparel, logos, and more. The design is also characterized by interlocking pairs and unique features like swashed alternates, stylistic sets, and glyphs for decorating your text. The package includes a total of three fonts and a web font. It is suitable for use in applications that support OpenType features. You can download it for free and use it for personal or commercial projects.


The show’s psychedelic style is ideal for gig posters, album covers, book cover designs, vintage advertisements, and t-shirts. The font features a beautiful lettering style that’s truly authentic to the era. It also comes with ligatures, alternates, and glyphs, so you can easily customize your design. It’s available in OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats.

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