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Insta Blue Tick Fonts:

Whether you’re creating a holiday card or design, it’s always nice to add some sparkle to your work. Insta Blue Tick Fonts Download Free can help you make your designs shine this season.

Sailor’s Delight is a fun and ornate font. The decorative serifs and quick curves give it a unique personality that would work well in headlines or body text.

Sailor’s Delight:

There’s an inherent grandeur to this all-caps font that can make it a great choice for luxury brands to post invitations or critical product launch announcements in Stories and Reels. However, the ornate swashes on some of the letters can take a toll on legibility especially when scaled down so use it sparingly.

This font combines the solid look of Bodoni with quick curves to create a more cheerful personality. It’s a fun choice for holiday designs that need to be both elegant and festive. It can also be used as a headline font or body text.


The diminutive form of Elizabeth, Elsie is a classic, vintage nickname that has risen in popularity over the past 20 years. It is a feminine name that conveys love, trust, and faith.

In 1936, Borden Dairy introduced a cartoon cow named Elsie in their marketing campaigns. This spokescow amused consumers and drew large crowds to their exhibit at World’s Fairs.

Its slim strokes work well in Insta Blue Tick Fonts Download Free Stories and Reels to promote brands and build trust. Its clarity also makes it a great font for static image posts that need to deliver a quick message.

Thirsty Script:

Thirsty Script by Yellow Design Studio is a contemporary font conceived as a wedding of elements. It combines antique signage scripts, Wisdom Script, Deftone Stylus, and Lobster for a new meets old vibe that is friendly with an edge.

The rugged and textured dry brush strokes in this font introduce a sense of casual aesthetic that makes it an excellent choice for Instagram captions and the opening and thumbnail frames of Story ads. The varying stroke widths also improve legibility when scaled down.

However, the ligatures and contextual alternates can be confusing at smaller sizes. Therefore, it is recommended to limit this font to title text or other sections that are meant to be read in detail.


This elegant and beautiful script is ideal for a range of design projects. Its wobbly lines give it character and add a personal touch to your designs. It’s perfect for headings and short lines of text.

If you’re looking for a modern sans-serif font, then look no further than Quicksand. This geometric and rounded font is a great choice for creating powerful, engaging designs. It pairs well with a classic serif font or minimal sans serif font for high legibility. It also looks good with Pacifico font.

Foglighten No. 07:

In 2020 he created Fiesta Rumba (a matinee font), Sergeant Rock (a stencil typeface), Tricky Hearts (a vampire font), Organic Brand, Campus Riot (grungy), and several other fonts that feature graffiti styles:

He also made the weathered typeface Caleuche with Andrey Kudryavtsev and the dingbat set Mi Cocina. His other types include Coulures, Halloween, and Osselets plus the fixed-width fonts Normafixed, Bordini, and ChapClerk. His dingbats are also nice: Alphabetzier, Nahkt Hieroglyphics, and Norman Prince. All are free to download. He also has a paid set of dingbats called Invisible Man.


This fun font has a youthful charm that will add a festive touch to your designs. The swirls and swoops have a handwritten feel that will make your content look more creative.

Monerd is a bold font that works well for captions, hashtags, and longer lines of text on Instagram. It can also be used for Stories and Reels, but you’ll want to increase the kerning to improve legibility. You may need to experiment with different kerning settings in KIMP. This will help you find the perfect balance between a casual aesthetic and legibility.

Santa’s Wishlist:

Free Blue Tick Instagram icons in all design styles, and download pixel-perfect icons for your web and mobile projects. You can use these blue verified account icons for your social media profile to show that your account has been approved and that it’s safe for people to follow you.

Top-quality fonts from some of today’s best designers. Includes personal and commercial licenses. Full lifetime support (usually less than 24 hours on email inquiries) and a lively Facebook support group.

Christmas Script:

For children ages 3-5, this light-hearted play lets them become part of the Nativity story. The script is narrated by the Narrator, and Scripture verses are read at various points.

So, this beautiful font has a casual aesthetic perfect for social media posts and other personal content. Its rugged and textured brush strokes add an element of personality to every post. Its free-spirited nature makes it a popular choice for influencers and small businesses.


Then, snowhouse is a decorative font that can be used for Christmas and Holiday designs. It features a bold style that looks good on posters, cards, and other designs. Its legibility can be improved by increasing the kerning.

lastly, this font has a traditional and classic look, with decorative serifs that make it perfect for Christmas and Holiday designs. Although, it is also very legible, even in smaller sizes. It can be a good choice for your Instagram post’s titles, captions, and other elements. It also works well with other fonts.

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