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Against History Font:

Against History Font Download Free is an affectionate, all-purpose handwritten font perfect for branding projects, houseware designs, and product packaging.

This font is free for Personal Use Only! If you want to use it commercially (Advertising, Promotion, TV Film Video Motion Graphics YouTube Kemasan Produk (physical or digital) Media) please purchase a Commercial License before continuing.


Caslon is an elegant serif typeface first engraved for printing in London in the seventeenth century and made popular once more during its revival during the nineteenth century, thanks to its assertive caps – making it ideal for body text.

So, Caslon font is distinguished by its timeless, sophisticated appearance that transcends trends and styles. With a moderate stroke contrast, bracketed serifs, and distinct stress angle it boasts, Caslon boasts timeless and elegant qualities that stand the test of time.

There are various versions of Caslon available today, including ITC Founders Caslon, Adobe Caslon, and LTC Caslon. These digital revivals have differing degrees of accuracy from their original designs.


Baskerville font is often described as sophisticated, intelligent, and elegant; yet, its popularity also stems from being confident and refined. Qualities that come together perfectly in its design.

John Baskerville of Birmingham created this font with crisp edges and generous proportions. Creating an appealing transitional design between old-style Caslon fonts and high-contrast modern faces like Didot or Bodoni.

Baskerville font was initially criticized as being too stark and harsh, yet today it’s an ideal choice for book text. Its striking contrast between thick and thin strokes makes it easy to read at large sizes.


Sabon is an elegant text typeface and one of the best-designed Garalde faces. Boasting generous x-height and short descenders that make it easily readable at small sizes. In addition, its full counters and bracketed serifs make this face often compared to Monotype Garamond while featuring more narrowness and intricate details.

Sabon typeface was designed by Jan Tschichold between 1964 and 1967 for Linotype, Monotype, and Stempel-type foundries. Its design was inspired by Claude Garamond typefaces printed by Frankfurt printer Konrad Burner who later married the widow of printer Jacques Sabon; hence its name.


Dante is an AV-over-IP technology that replaces traditional audio and video connections with computer networks, providing hundreds of channels of digital audio over thin Ethernet cables in full fidelity. As with any network, the expansion of Dante can easily occur by simply adding more devices via network jacks.

Dante and his twin brother Vergil were born of the demon Sparda and his human wife Eva, where their father taught them martial arts and they became mercenaries. One day while on Morris Island they were attacked by demon emperor Mundus’ clone Gilver; Dante quickly dispatched him. Later he met Trish who resembled their mother Eva.

Captain Comic:

After receiving an alert from a distant planet, Captain Comic responds quickly by beaming down. There he finds its inhabitants threatened by arrogant Skrejgib aliens’ theft of six cosmic crystals which have fractured reality into several separate worlds and which must now be collected before returning them home.

The Adventures of Captain Comic is a popular side-scrolling platform game for MS-DOS computers released as shareware by Michael Denio in 1988 and later ported by Color Dreams unlicensedly onto NES systems. Featuring an expansive nonlinear playfield divided into multiple terrain types, its protagonist uses his Blastola Cola can to launch fireballs at his enemies while fighting them off!

Pequena Pro:

Pequena Pro, created by Rodrigo Araya Salas and Andrey Kudryavtsev, is an alphabetically styled hand-display font featuring two alphabetic styles – Bold Grotesque and Thin Hand-Drawn – in addition to non-alphabetical styles that support many European languages and Cyrillic. Ideal for children’s books and holiday productions.

FontPath makes finding and selecting the ideal fonts easy! With over 175,000 fonts to search through and compare, FontPath provides an effortless tool to help find, compare, and select one for your next project.


Janson is an adaptable surname that can be used as an honorific middle name to commemorate family members or add an individual touch to your full name. Additionally, it works well when combined with other first and last names.

Janson was known for his extraordinary marksmanship, firing shots directly at Mary Cooper without hesitation. Additionally, his ability to suppress pain was demonstrated when he rolled up his sleeves while fighting Thomas to inject himself with the Cure.

Janson has a rich and extensive history that spans across different sociocultural movements. It is most prominently used among individuals of Scandinavian heritage or immigrants settling in Canada or the US.


Millions of bison (commonly referred to as buffalo) roamed North American prairies millions of years ago. Captivating both Native Americans and European explorers with their dark-brown coats. Massive heads, and impressive horns.

Bison communicate with one another through grunts and snorts to deter predators. Males fight over dominance during the breeding season by lowering their heads and pawing at the ground. They rarely become fatally wounded during these battles for dominance.

Bison herds must be managed to maintain genetic diversity while remaining healthy and productive for maximum performance. To be successful at raising bison herds, producers must abide by herd health, feed management, and grazing guidelines as well as attend industry meetings or interact with other ranchers to stay abreast of market trends and herd management practices.


Garamond is an elegant serif font that has retained its elegance over time. Often used for printed documents, books, and logos. Its moderate stroke contrast and distinct serifs create the look of handwriting while adding tradition and sophistication.

Text that needs to be read at smaller sizes can benefit greatly from using this font. It is legible even at a 12-point reading size. This makes it suitable for textbooks, technical manuals, and other printed documents as well as promotional brochures or marketing material.

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