Utsaah Font Free Download


Utsaah Font: Utsaah Font Free Download is a typeface primarily meant for displaying Hindi text in documents. It is an OpenType font, based on Unicode. To install this font on Windows, right-click the font file and select ‘install’ from the context menu. Administrator rights are required. For Mac, double-click the font file and then click … Read more

Kokila Font Free Download


Kokila Font: Kokila Font Free Download is a font that combines elegance with versatility. It is ideal for titles and well-defined blocks of text, making it a great choice for logos and other graphical projects. This font is a Unicode-compliant Devanagari font that can be used for various purposes. It was designed by Modular Infotech, … Read more

Sakkal Majalla Font Free Download


Sakkal Majalla Font: Sakkal Majalla Font Free Download is an ideal font for all your playful design projects. It is part of the Regular subfamily and was designed by Mamoun Sakkal, Sakkal Design, and Steve Matteson, Ascender Corp. The font style can differ based on the selected letters, as some may not support special characters … Read more

SutonnyMJ Font Zip Download Free


SutonnyMJ Font Zip: SutonnyMJ Font Zip Download Free is a Bengali font that has been designed for use on digital devices. Its clean and modern design, support for conjuncts, and compatibility with different platforms make it a popular choice for web designers, publishers, and digital marketers. This is a bold typeface with an attractive character … Read more

Sonar Bangla Font Free Download


Sonar Bangla Font: Sonar Bangla Font Free Download is an essential part of design and communication. They impact how content is perceived, and readable, and can play a significant role in branding and visual identity. Sonar Bangla Font Free Download is a type of font that is perfect for highlighting design elements. It is a … Read more

San Francisco Pro Font Download


San Francisco Font: San Francisco Pro Font Download is a modern sans-serif that has become synonymous with Apple’s sleek design aesthetic. It’s readable on screens of all sizes, and it’s easy to use in designs. It comes in two optical sizes (Text and Display) with 9 weights, including a rounded version. It also features contextual … Read more

SF Pro Display Font Download Free


SF Pro Display Font: SF Pro Display Font Download Free is an elegant sans-serif font designed by Apple Inc. and available for PERSONAL USE. This font is a modern take on the classic neo-grotesque and is well-suited for digital interfaces and text. Adaptable and consistent, San Francisco is legible and friendly across all Apple systems … Read more

Nama Font iPhone Download Free


Nama Font iPhone: Firstly, Are you looking to add a touch of elegance to your designs? Check out this collection of modern Nama Font iPhone Download Free that will bring your projects to life! Secondly, A tall and classic calligraphic font, this elegant font will give your designs a personal feel. Nama Font iPhone Download … Read more