How to Install Fonts in Android?

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Fonts in Android:

Android is one of the most versatile mobile ecosystems that you will ever use. From the look and feel, you can change the landscape of the platform with ease and power. The fonts on your system are no exception. Designing on your smartphone to tablet shouldn’t stop you from using the right font. Like computers, they come with a variety of fonts.

Android phones come with a built-in default font. If you don’t like it, that is no reason to stop using your phone. Especially since on Android you can easily change it and install another font that you like. The state of social media existence is available on the internet. Android fonts are not by any means easy to install but at the same time, they aren’t too hard. The concept is pretty simple which will enumerate below.

Android Fonts Built-in:

Many computers have the potential to modify fonts installed right in. Typically, they can provide a limited range of types to choose between. Anything fairly simple will be its main font. And users will include a couple of other unique fonts to pick from. There really is a fair chance you would have this skill if the handset is from Samsung, HTC, and LG.

On all smartphones, you have the option of changing fonts in your settings. You must be able to locate the font choices. Here below screenshot display the range of fonts for Samsung or LG tablets. You just have to choose the font from that list, it would be added instantly.


Fonts feature offers the following benefits:

The Downloadable Fonts features offer the following benefits.

  • Reduce the app size.
  • Inceases the app installation success rate
  • Improves the overall system health as multiple apps can share the same font through a provider. This saves users cellular data, phone memory, and disk space. In this model the font is fetchd over the network when needed.

How to Download and Install Custom Fonts On Android?

  1. Browse through the list of fonts under online.
  2. Then download the desired font and hit set.
  3. When prompted for the font mode, select system mode, then tap OK.
  4. Reboot your device and enjoy the new font.
  5. To use a local file copy it from your PC and paste it inside the Android device directory.

Download Link:

Here is the latest version download link for Font in Android. If you are an Android user you need to download the best fonts for your device. Above is the download link.

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