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Canva Fonts Guide – The Best Typefaces for Canva Templates:

Canva’s free font library is chock-full of popular fonts that you can use to create beautiful social media templates. This includes the classic League Gothic, which was designed by Morris Fuller Benton in 1913 for the American Type Founders Company. Another popular font is Anton, a versatile modern font perfect for attention-grabbing Instagram posts. Open Sans is also an excellent choice for creative designers.

Chagla Folt:

The table of contents of this Canva fonts guide lists the best fonts for different use cases and styles. For example, display typefaces are usually large and intended for headings. They feature variable or eccentric designs. In addition, they are a great choice for posters and flyers.

If you’re working on a project for a magazine or a website, you may want to look into the fonts available in the Brand Kit. This can help you select the perfect fonts to make your design stand out and attract readers. You can also search for free fonts online. You can find them on the font designer’s website, or on marketplaces like Creative Market.

Another great choice for your design is Bellaboo, a fun, and wacky swirly font. It provides a retro, feminine, and fun vibe. For more serious typefaces, you can use Arimo or Space Mono. These two fonts have different weights that work well for different body text and subheadings.


The Garet typeface is a geometric sans serif font with a soft, masculine tone and a clean design. The font comes in 11 weights, including bold and italic styles. There are over 200 languages supported by the font family, making it suitable for a variety of design needs.

This font has a bold look, making it ideal for headlines. It is also suitable for book covers. Canva Fonts offers book cover templates using this font. The font family also comes in two variations: Roboto Condensed. Both of these can be used together to create a cohesive design.

Garet is another great font to use for text and logos. It comes with a variety of weights and styles, making it suitable for various design projects. Its delicate feel makes it an ideal choice for websites with a female demographic.

Alex Brush:

The Alex Brush font is a lovely script typeface. It is free to download and can be used for personal and commercial projects. This font features a short ascender and descender to make it easy to read. It pairs well with the Circle font. The font has a nice slant to it, making it a nice choice for invitations or social media posts.

Another free script font available on Canva is Themysion. This font gives off a clean, modern vibe and is perfect for branding, packaging, social media posts, and logos. It is also a beautiful option for signatures, wedding invitations, gift certificates, and minimal branding.

Open Sans:

Open Sans is a versatile font that is perfect for a variety of applications. Its friendly design makes it suitable for all sorts of uses. Open Sans is available in several styles that suit various screen sizes and weights. It is also suitable for various projects, from business to personal.

Fonts are important for the readability of text, so choosing the best type is essential. While sans-serif fonts are better for headlines, serif fonts are ideal for body text. They are also more legible on screens. In addition, serif fonts are more readable on large bodies of text.

This bold, elegant typeface comes with various features, including OpenType features and ligatures. Its two complementary fonts, Chagla Folt and Garet, are perfect for headings. They create balance and contrast and convey the message and tone of the brand. To get the best combination of the two, you can experiment with font pairing.


Archivo is a grotesque san-serif font, inspired by late nineteenth-century American typefaces. It features a geometric design, low contrast, and a large x-height. The Archivo font family also includes two other styles, Narrow and Black. This typeface is perfect for creating headlines, cover pages, and brochures.

This typeface is ideal for business, personal, or academic projects. It features a wide range of characters and kerning, including caps and lowercase letters. It also includes numbers, punctuation, and more. This font also comes in three weights and is suitable for use in logotypes, headers, and other small print projects.

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This serif font is suitable for copy text and minimalist style headings. Its geometric pattern makes it a versatile choice for a variety of design purposes. The angular glyphs help the text to be readable even on small screens.

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