New Fonts for Instagram Story 2022

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New Fonts for Instagram Story 2022:

Instagram is rolling out a new feature this year: new fonts for your stories. Strong, Modern, and Strong are just a few of the options available to you. You can also use the Italicized version of one of the classics, Papyrus. These fonts are perfect for combining with images and layering over them. So, read the article to get information on the New Fonts for Instagram Story 2022.


There’s a hidden tool on Instagram that will allow you to use Papyrus fonts in your stories. You can access it from the Instagram application or the website. Simply type the word “Papyrus” to activate the font. Papyrus is a free font inspired by the ancient cultures of the Middle East and Biblical Times.

While Instagram isn’t the most customizable social network, it is possible to type in Papyrus fonts for your Instagram stories. This Easter egg is only available for iOS users. To use it, just type in ‘Papyrus’ in the search bar. After that, it will automatically change your font to Papyrus.

If you’re having trouble deciding between Comic Sans and Papyrus fonts, don’t worry. You can change the style of your posts by switching to one of these options in Instagram Story. While they’re both designed by the same artist, the font will look slightly different on different devices.


If you want to give your Instagram Story a modern and trendy look, consider using one of the many modern fonts available for this social media app. The fonts are easily customizable and will give your content a fresh and editorial look. The fonts are available in free Canva versions and are ideal for grabbing the attention of your followers.

Nailhead is a great modern Instagram font that supports multilingual features. Its squarish round characters make it the most legible among its contemporaries. You can also check out Dento Viola, a handwritten typeface that can double as a signature style.

The font has soft borders, rounded edges, and slanted lines for a clean, contemporary look. Alternatively, Giftcage is a beautiful condensed serif that combines slanted and curved lines. This typeface is not great for paragraphs but is perfect for headlines.


Brands can make an impact with Strong fonts in their Instagram Story. These powerful fonts have an italicized look and come with a strong tone. They are also customizable, allowing you to use different colors and text styles. This text format is also highly visual, so you can include a background color to make your message pop.

Instagram has five default fonts for stories, but users can use custom fonts. For example, they can use the drawing pen icon to customize their text. Strong fonts can be used as backgrounds and also have a double-layer drop shadow. The drop shadows are automatically generated based on the color of the text, but you can choose a custom color if you want.

The italicized version of a classic:

You can now write in a new style on Instagram Stories with the Italicized version of the classic font. The new font features a paintbrush effect and is designed to stand out against the background image. Its style is reminiscent of a high-class magazine font.

The Italicized version of the classic font is an elegant and powerful font. It comes with a bold, urgent tone, and can be accompanied by a background, which makes it stand out even more. Another highlight of this new font is its ability to be customized via the eyedrop icon on the left side of the screen.

In addition to the Italicized version of the classic font, Instagram has introduced four new fonts for Instagram Stories. The fonts are similar to the Proxima Nova but have thicker strokes. It is suitable for many modern brands, which may prefer a more modern look.


The new Instagram story feature lets you use a variety of different font styles. You can change text style, apply a motion function, and upload your own fonts. The feature also lets you export and share your video directly from your computer. In addition, you can add a watermark to your story.

Cursive fonts are not always the best choice for story captions. Cursive fonts are difficult to read, so make sure your captions are short and impactful. If possible, include several CTAs. For example, you could add a link to a product, or a link to a website.

For captions, use a sans-serif font. It is designed to fit well on Instagram story videos. It’s also available in standard print size. You can also use Instagram’s own font. The default Instagram font is Roboto black Italic Bold on Android.

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