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Black Metal Fonts:

Black Metal is a genre that combines gothic imagery with occult symbolism. It’s a subgenre known for its ragged strokes, eerie dungeons, and gnarly band logos that often feature runic fonts and crosses.

These twisted and intimidating fonts can be used to add an edgy, heavy-metal touch to your designs. You can use them for different projects such as music posters, branding, and invitations.


Onerock is a font that brings a heavy black metal feel to any design project. It is a great choice for metal band logos, merchandise, or anything that needs a dark-metal vibe.

So, it also has a spooky look, making it perfect for horror-themed designs or death metal music posters. It supports numerals and punctuation and comes in different download formats.

This black metal font comes with stylistic alternates that can be toggled with Caps Lock. It also includes a few ornaments that will add to its unique appearance.

Its thorn detailing is second to none, and it will shine at its full capacity when used in large sizes. This thorny black metal font is a great choice for horror-themed designs, tattoos, or even branding and poster projects.


The Exorcist is a classic horror movie that has been praised for its shock value. It has a cult following and has received several Oscar nominations and awards for its acclaimed screenplay and acting performances.

The film centers on Father Gabriel Amorth (Russell Crowe), who dedicates his life to the exorcism of demons. After the Pope tells him of a case in Spain that involves a demon that appears to possess a child, Amorth heads to the village to investigate.

Amorth and his colleague, Father Esquibel (Daniel Zovatto), make a lot of blunders throughout the film, and they often end up getting sucked into the story themselves, but luckily for them, God is the one who helps them dispel the demonic threat for good.


With sharp edges and a dark, distorted look, the Death Metal Font is often used in music-themed designs. This type of font has been influenced by gothic typography and is perfect for creating designs with a dark and aggressive aesthetic.

Deathmetal is a free Black Metal Font that is inspired by homemade band flyers. Its tall and narrow lettering design will make it a great choice for metal album covers, event posters, and merchandise.

So, the font includes uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation. It also comes with a complete set of stylistic alternates, catchwords, ligatures, and multilingual support.

The font includes a small group of symbols and signs often used in the extreme music sector – the classics of Death- and Blackmetal like pentagram drops, roots, spikes, and more. It also comes with a basic character set and a slew of grungy textures to finish off the look.


Smackdead is a scary black metal font that’s ideal for horror posters, t-shirts, and other designs related to this genre. It features uppercase and lowercase characters, punctuation, numerals, and multilingual support.

Suckup is another dark and brutal font that’s ideal for creating death metal band logos and t-shirt designs. It includes a limited set of symbols and markings frequently used in extreme music, including pentagrams, roots, spikes, and more.

It also includes alternative front and end letters, which make it perfect for showcasing your favorite band’s unique style. This metal font is suitable for use in all sorts of projects, from t-shirt designs to music album covers. It’s also easy to install and offers multilingual support.


Jotunheim is a metal font that’s inspired by ancient runes. It comes in three different versions, each one with its own unique style and legibility.

It includes uppercase multilingual letters, numbers, and simple punctuation. Some letters also have mirrored versions that you can toggle with Caps Lock.

This heavy metal font can be used in a variety of projects, like music posters, themed merch, and even branding for a rock band. Its minimal design makes it versatile and easy to implement into a variety of concepts!

This death metal font brings all the grim vibes from classic album covers into your designs. It features uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, and themed punctuation marks. It’s also perfect for horror-themed designs and logos!

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