Death Metal Font

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Death Metal Fonts:

If you’re a fan of metal, then you’ll appreciate these heavy-metal fonts. They’re perfect for designing album covers, tattoos, posters, and stationery.

The best part is, these fonts are all free for personal or commercial use. You can download them on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.


Richflame is a display typeface that embodies the spirit of dark metal. It’s a handmade font that comes with ligatures and alternates, making it a perfect choice for movie posters, logos, quotes, and more.

It also supports multiple languages, numerals, and punctuation. It’s ideal for use in a wide range of projects and can be downloaded in different download formats.

This black metal font is the perfect choice for Halloween-themed designs that are looking for a scary and eerie look. It is also great for use in horror posters, heavy metal album covers, merchandise, and other themed designs.

Black Dread:

Black Dread is a hardcore, twisted display font with a horror-inspired style that’s perfect for band branding, death metal album covers, and anything else that needs a dramatic look. It also works great for a wide variety of graphic designs, including logos, business cards, posters, and more!

Its bold strokes and heavy metal music-inspired design make it a great fit for tattoos and branding, too. With uppercase and lowercase characters, punctuation, numerals, and bonus decorative elements, you can create grim signage in any language.

The thorn detailing in Black Magnet is second to none, so it’s no wonder this font is a favorite among designers. It’s also a perfect match for thorny tattoo designs, as it looks as if thorns have been pierced through each stroke.


If you want to add a dramatic effect to your metal band logo design, NightCrow is the perfect font for you. This font comes with a spiky look that can be controlled to the left or right, depending on your design theme.

It also comes with numbers, punctuation marks, symbols, and uppercase and lowercase letters, with alternates for the lowercase letters. It is PUA encoded and works with any software that supports OpenType features.

This font is ideal for creating horror posters, metal music posters, flyers, and merchandise. It is also suitable for horror-themed designs, branding, logos, and poster templates.


Anemouth is a free metal font that will give your designs a gothic, dark aesthetic. This tall and narrow letter design is perfect for designing metal band logos, posters, T-shirts, and website header designs.

This font includes uppercase and lowercase letters as well as stylistic alternates. It also comes with ligatures and numerals for added versatility.

Its letter design evokes the splashing of blood on stone walls in a scary way, which makes it perfect for designing horror movie titles and video games. The font is available in 4 styles: OldBarrel Regular, Rough FX, Shadow FX, and Shine FX.


Glaive is an eye-catching death metal font that’s inspired by logos from heavy metal bands. It’s a great choice for music branding, flyers, posters, t-shirts, and more.

This free font features uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and multilingual support. It also comes with a bonus set of grungy textures.

The rough-edged brush style of Glaive adds a sense of grit to your design, whether you’re working on a rock band album cover, horror poster, or product packaging.

Its thorn-like strokes give it a threatening look, which makes it a perfect fit for Halloween and horror designs. It’s also a good choice for tattoos and other designs that need a harsh and aggressive feel.

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