Droid Serif Italic Font APK Download for Android


Droid Serif Italic Font: Droid Serif is a contemporary serif typeface family designed for comfortable reading on screen. The Droid Serif is slightly condensed to maximize the amount of text displayed on small screens. Vertical stress and open forms contribute to its readability. So the Droid Serif Italic Font family is a contemporary serif typeface … Read more

Rage Italic Font APK Download for Android


Rage Italic: Rage Italic Font APK is the work of American designer Ron Zwingelberg. It was one of the first casual brush-style scripts with a rough, textured edge. The author works at company international Typeface Corporation. Rege Italic Font is the perfect font for all your fun designs. The initial-like capitals complement a lowercase alphabet … Read more

Samsung J5 Fonts APK v1.6.1 Download for Android


Samsung J5: The Samsung Galaxy J5 is one of Samsung’s two new budget offerings, the other being the J5. The two phones undercut the pervious launched E-series devices with more aggressive pricing while offering nearly identical specifications. Download Samsung J5 Fonts APK for Android now. Samsung J5 Fonts: A new free launcher for Samsung J5 … Read more

How to Install Fonts in Android?


Fonts in Android: Android is one of the most versatile mobile ecosystems that you will ever use. From the look and feel, you can change the landscape of the platform with ease and power. The fonts on your system are no exception. Designing on your smartphone to tablet shouldn’t stop you from using the right … Read more

How to Download Fonts for Photoshop?


Download Fonts for Photoshop: Once you have downloaded the fonts for your design projects, you can use them in Adobe Photoshop to create your final project. You can find the font files in the Downloads folder on your computer. You can double-click to open the zipped folder. If you have multiple font files, you will … Read more

WhatsApp Font APK v13.0 for Android


WhatsApp Font: WhatsApp Font has the greatest collection of fonts on the Play Store. Coolest Fonts for Andriod, iPhone, or any other devices. Now convert your standard text into stylish fonts for Whatsapp text with different types of effects. Fonts for Whatsapp is supported in devices and all social media platforms. We provide Whatsapp Font … Read more