Retro Fonts 70s

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Retro Fonts 70s:

If you want to use the look of the 1970s, Retro Fonts 70s is for you! You will find a wide variety of fonts in this post, including Funkies Bold Script Font, Brohalo, Flatface Sours, and Psychedelic Bubble. This typeface is designed to capture the energy of 7s discos.

It includes uppercase and lowercase letters, basic punctuation marks, and numbers. The 70s also saw the popularity of slab typefaces, especially in advertising.

Olive Village:

Inspired by the groovy vibes of the 1970s, Olive Village is a vintage typeface from Slovak designer Ivan Rosenberg. Its retro style is reminiscent of the 70s, but with a modern feel. Here’s a closer look at Olive Village’s design and benefits.

A great vintage typeface for modern projects, Olive Village features several styles and OpenType features. Its retro feel is versatile, making it great for logos, t-shirts, and more.


Inspired by the retro styles of the ’70s, the playful and elegant Brohalo is a fun typeface for use in creative designs. This typeface features uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, punctuation, and stylistic alternates.

Its versatile design makes it perfect for use on any type of media. Whether you’re creating a logo, a web page, or anything in between, Brohalo is the typeface for you!

Flatface Sours:

Inspired by 1970s gig posters, Retro Fonts 70s is a typeface that is perfect for posters and retro merchandise. It is also available as a web font. You can use it for your next retro design project.

This typeface has a vintage look and feel to it and is available in both uppercase and lowercase letters, basic punctuation, and ligatures. The rounded corners of the font create a vintage feel to it, which is perfect for retro-inspired design projects.

Psychedelic Bubble:

The seventies brought about a colorful font movement, and Psychedelic Bubble perfectly captures that playful aesthetic. As the decades moved forward, there was even more experimentation, and wild designs became commonplace. A funky take on the disco era was evident with fonts like Saturday Night and Retrohols. The funky aesthetic continued well into the next decade. A modern take on this retro style is Retrohols, a fancy font with 777 ligatures.

Ansley Display:

If you’re looking for a slab serif font that’s retro and modern, look no further than Kady Jesko’s Ansley Display. With its clean, simple shapes and a range of weights, this font is the perfect choice for displays, titles, and large sizes.

Inspired by traditional sign painting, this retro typeface is free for personal and commercial use. Aside from the vintage style, Ansley Display is also available in black, white, and red versions.

System Glitch:

If you’re looking for a unique typeface with a 70s vibe, look no further than the Retro Fonts 70s family. Featuring intricate details, glitch fonts are perfect for titles, headlines, and large text.

These fonts have a distorted VHS-style effect, which simulates a digital interference text effect. The System Glitch font family comes in OTF and TTF formats, with additional bonus Photoshop Anaglyph Actions.

Halau Serif:

If you’re in the mood for some funky, mid-century modern type, consider this retro-inspired serif font family. The architecture of Halau Serif evokes groovy, summery fun. The font comes with a full complement of alternates and is perfect for retro design projects.

The family includes 36 graphic objects in the style of the 70s and 80s. Its playful and friendly style is sure to catch the eye of designers and users alike.

Creative Vintage:

The creative vintage style is back with new fonts created by graphic designers. You can create unique designs for your business or personal use by using these fonts. Creative Vintage has a retro look and feels inspired by vintage bobber motorcycles.

Download Link:

Its clean lines and angles are perfect for retro designs and branding. You can download this font for free or you can purchase the pro version of the font for $5. If you use it on a commercial basis, you must buy the commercial license.

Download the latest version of Retro Fonts 70s from here above. This is the latest version of Retro Fonts’ the 70s It is the fully free version. Still, if you have any questions then ask here below in the comment section.

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