Google Fonts Futura

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Google Fonts Futura and Product Sans:

When looking for a new font, Futura might be the ideal solution. As Google’s new logo and identity design call for a geometric sans serif, the Google Fonts team developed a custom geometric sans serif to match its brand identity.

While some users may find it difficult to tell the difference between Futura and other typefaces, this full-fledged prototype of a 20th-century geometric sans serif is extremely close to Helvetica Neue and Arial.

Product Sans:

Product Sans is a sans-serif typeface designed by Google. It replaces the Google Logo. The new font is available in several versions. This typeface looks similar to Futura Font. It is also widely used for the user interface.

Here are some things to know about Product Sans. We will discuss how this typeface is different from Futura. This article also contains links to the most popular products using this font.

Open Sans:

You can find a number of free fonts available for download from the web. Open Sans is one of these fonts. If you’re looking for an alternative to Futura, you might want to try one of the many open-source fonts out there.

You can download the Regular weight of Open Sans for free, or you can also purchase the Italics version. But the question is: do these fonts look good together? The answer is yes!


If you want a typeface with a classic look, but do not want to pay a high price, you may want to consider using Lato in Google Fonts Futura. This sans-serif typeface is designed by Ryan Martinson and is available for free.

It has three weights and four subfamilies, including regular, bold, and italic. This font is also available in other languages, including Spanish.


The Adelle font is a slab serif typeface designed by Jose Scaglione and released through the TypeTogether foundry in 2009. It was originally a magazine and newspaper typeface and has since been updated for better screen rendering.

It comes in nine weights and includes a matching italic. Adelle is available for free on Adobe Fonts and with a Creative Cloud subscription. You can also get the family for desktop.


The free and open-source font Tinos is part of the Chrome OS core fonts (also known as Croscore). It is a family of TrueType fonts metrically compatible with the classic serif typefaces of the 1920s and 1930s. Tinos was designed by Steve Matteson and released by Google under the Apache 2.0 license in May 2013. Its name means “to go beyond”, and it was inspired by the feisty feel of classic seriffed typefaces.


The Gotham font is one of the best-selling alternatives to the Futura family. It is a beautiful, elegant font that can be used for both personal and commercial projects. You can download it for free from this page. If you want to install it, however, you may be prompted to buy a license.

You can also try downloading the Futura font instead, which is free for both personal and commercial use.

Brandon Text:

Brandon is an ideal choice for your next typographic project. This modern, professional font is optimized for screens and features variable weights. Its versatile features make it a great choice for letterhead, posters, and websites.

Download Link:

The extended character set means it supports languages of Central and Eastern Europe and the rest of the world. This versatile typeface is available in a variety of weights, including bold, italic, and thin.

Download the latest Google Fonts Futura from the above-given link. Install the fonts by following the on-screen instructions. So you will enjoy your favorite free app on your device.

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