Fonts for Logo

11 May 2022

Types of Fonts for Logos:

Choose the right type of font for your company logo design. Whether you need a bold headline or a catchy tagline, there are countless options available. Choose one of the many classic serifs or modern sans serif typefaces, or use a mixture of both to get the perfect look for your logo design.

Listed below are a few great typefaces for your business logo design. These fonts will help you create a professional and unique logo.

Serif Fonts:

When choosing fonts for your logo, serif fonts are a great choice. This type of font is easily legible and clear. Time magazine, for instance, uses a serif font to showcase its logo. Its Timeless font features varying weights and rounded edges.

On the other hand, a sans serif font has a sleek, modern feel and would go well with your coffee company’s logo. Hermann is one of the most legible serif fonts and was originally inspired by the world of 20th-century novels. It combines boldness and legibility with surrealism.

It is an ideal choice for logos. This typeface is also ideal for body text and display purposes. Also, it considers one of the best serif fonts available. The Hermann typeface was designed to appeal to designers and was recently updated to include rounded terminals.

Handwritten Typefaces:

There are plenty of designs that incorporate handwritten typefaces into their designs. You can also use these types of fonts online or in custom projects, such as a website’s hero header. The most common and trendy way to use this type of font is in a hero header homepage design.

These types of fonts are not a one-size-fits-all solution, however. Here are some examples to start. While choosing a handwritten typeface for your company’s logo, remember to keep legibility and simplicity in mind.

Choose a typeface that conveys the message you want to convey to your target audience. You can find articles on choosing typefaces for a logo on sites like Logaster. If you’re still unsure about which font to choose, consider these tips. You’ll be surprised by the results!

Modern Sans Serif:

In terms of font style, modern sans serif typefaces have many advantages. They are ideally suited for creative and innovative industries. These typefaces are often geometric, abstract, futuristic, or urban in style. They are often more readable on-screen and work well for logos and other print materials.

Regardless of the industry, modern sans serif fonts have the ability to build lasting brands. If you’re unsure which typeface to use, here are a few examples.


This classic all-caps font is great for logos, collages, and body text. Combine it with Minion Pro Italic for a vintage-meets-modern look. Big Caslon. This typeface was born out of a mishap with slab serifs. It features sharp, pointy, and slightly geometric strokes, making it a great choice for bold, direct, and clean text.

Art deco typefaces:

If you want to give your logo a vintage and glitzy look, you should consider choosing an Art Deco typeface. This style of font originated in Europe, and it is known for its geometric shapes, rounded edges, and decorative line details.

Art Deco fonts convey a sense of class and luxury while being simple and elegant. There are 47 types of Art Deco typefaces available. Clementia is a bold and elegant serif font with a retro feel. This font has a wide range of ligatures and alternates, making it a great choice for wedding invitations, posters, and cafe menus.

It is also PUA encoded and supports most European languages. Whether you’re using an Art Deco typeface for your logo or designing an entire brand identity, you’ll find one that fits the bill.

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