Benguiat Bold Font Generator

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Benguiat Bold Font Generator:

If you are looking for a decorative serif font that can be used for blog designs, ITC Benguiat is an excellent choice. It is a free font and is available in 108 languages. If you want to use it on your website, you can download the font generator to generate a variety of styles and sizes.

To get started, click on the button below. This website will give you a preview of your font before you download it. Read this post to get more details.

ITC Benguiat is a decorative serif typeface:

ITC Benguiat is a decorative sans serif typeface created by Brooklyn-based type designer Ed Benneguiat. It was released by the International Typeface Corporation in 1977 and is loosely inspired by the Art Nouveau style. This typeface is very legible but overly decorative for large text. Most users will use this font for titles and short, descriptive phrases.

This typeface is also sold as Form 832 by Bitstream. It is available in a professional version with support for many Eastern and Central European characters. The typeface began its career with an initial design by Ed Benguiat for a friend. The man was short on funds but wanted to give his friend a new logo for his new company. His friend rejected design after design.

Benguiat submitted over 100 sketches before he received a favorable response. Despite the rejections, the designer managed to make the design work. However, it would take many more revisions before the typeface was finally approved by ITC.

It is a free font:

If you are looking for bold and brash font, you should consider Benguiat Bold by ITC. This font is free for personal use, but you should contact the author for permission to use it commercially. This font is great for making covers and logos for products, homewares, and branding projects.

It is also suitable for use as a stylish text overlay on any background image. You can download Benguiat Bold from the font owner’s website for free. The font is licensed as freeware, demo versions, and public domain.

It is very easy to install the font and its license is provided on the website. Downloading the font takes just a second. The closest free font that matches the Benguiat Bold is Sabon. Sabon is a free font generator that comes with bold serif characters and similar glyphs.

It is suitable for blog designs:

The Benguiat font is a stylish typeface that was created by Ed Benguiat. It is also compatible with HTML5 and CSS3 and is available in seven weights, styles, and encodings. You can download the font for free at the website of the font’s creator. The download process will start in a matter of seconds.

The font features more than 100 geometric serif form characters, as well as some special characters. The font also features an online generator tool that makes it easy to create custom fonts for any design you need. You can also download the free version of the font, or pay for the full version.

Depending on your needs, you can use the free version for personal and commercial purposes. If you are using the font for your blog designs, you can also choose the Spanish version. This font is a good choice for a blog design because it looks great on a variety of screen resolutions, including mobile devices.

It is available in 108 languages:

ITC Benguiat is a popular typeface that is available in a variety of languages. The font is available both for free and as a paid version. It has been used in Stephen King’s novels, in the Smiths’ album Strangeways, and in the Choose Your Own Adventure series.

So, it is also featured in the logos of the National Assembly of Quebec and the Melbourne Knights. It is also used in FBI warnings.


The Benguiat Gothic is a sans-serif variant of the original serif typeface. Its condensed appearance creates a vintage sensation, similar to Art Nouveau. This typeface lends an aged and vintage feel to any design. You can use it for both small and large projects. This typeface is especially useful for creating logos and product packaging. It is available in 108 languages.

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