Stranger Things Font Dafont

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Stranger Things Font Dafont:

The free font, Stranger Things font Dafont, is a combination of titles, logos, sources, and roughness. It was originally designed by Ed Benguiat for the international typeface corporation in 1977. The font is based on the original title logo of the American sci-fi horror series Stranger Things. It can download and use for free. To download the font, simply follow the links provided below.

ITC Benguiat is a serif typeface:

The title lettering on Stranger Things has become an icon and a mystery. Designed by famous typographer Ed Benguiat, the font was chosen for its retro appeal. It was one of many font suggestions considered for the title sequence, and creative studio Imaginary Forces worked with the Duffer Brothers to customize the lettering for the TV show.

ITC Benguiat is a free serif typeface that closely resembles the ITC Benguiat typeface from the series. So, this typeface is available in two weights, one for uppercase and another for lowercase characters. Each letter is characterized by sharp strokes along the edges. Its uniform head and baseline lengths make it suitable for web design.

It is based on the title logo of the American sci-fi horror series Stranger Things:

The font for the television show is a retro typeface that resembles an old Stephen King paperback. It’s called ITC Benguiat and was designed to resemble interlocking letters. So, originally released by the International Typeface Corporation in 1978, Benguiat has a long history in sci-fi design and features classic phantasmagorical influences.

So, the show’s title logo has a distinctly 1980s vibe. The name is written in a font similar to the one used on the title of the series, ITC Benguiat. The name conveys the feeling of mystery, phantom, and horror. The font is also reminiscent of the typeface used on the cover of the Smiths’ 1987 album.

It is a logo-based typeface:

So, the Stranger Things font Dafont is a logo-based typeface. Its texture appearance makes it the perfect choice for display projects. The font was inspired by the Stranger Things logo, which was instantly famous all over the world. So, it was designed by the same designer who created the famous font used in the book ITC Benguiat. The two fonts have similar personalities and are suitable for different uses.

The font contains various characters and numbers that have a similar look and feel to the show. The free and paid versions of the font are equally impressive. The latter is a logo-based font that is perfect for both personal and commercial projects. Its free version also allows you to use it in all required spots. However, there are some differences. The font used in the Stranger Things series has numerous symbols and is similar to the logo of other popular shows, including Game of Thrones.

It is free:

So, if you’re looking for a free TrueType font that’s similar to the style from the cult hit TV show, Stranger Things, this is the right place to look. So, this free font includes small caps, an expanded person set, and five editions of numerals. You can download this font from the link below for personal or commercial use. This font also features many of the same features as the Stranger Things title emblem.

Dafont’s website hosts free fonts for various uses, including the popular Stranger Things logo. Its name, Benguiat, is based on the font used in the title logo of the show. You can browse the archive by alphabetical listing, popularity, and author. The Stranger Things font is also available in bold version, which is based on the title logo. Dafont’s archive offers many free fonts, and the Stranger Things font is no different.

It is similar to Stranger Things:

You can find the Stranger Things Font from the Dafont site. This font has the same style and letter shapes as the show’s logo, making it an excellent choice for many projects. So, you can use the font for graphic design, printing, and trading projects, but you should also consider its use for headings in informal projects. You can download the font by clicking on the link below, which allows you to use it for personal projects.

Download Link:

So, it is similar to the ITC Benguiat font and has a bold texture appearance. The font includes bold lowercase characters and comes in two weights. Each letter has sharp strokes at the edges. The baseline and the head length of the font are uniforms, making it an excellent choice for logos, greeting cards, and more.

So, you can even use it for social media designs. Also, if you’re wondering whether the font is licensed for commercial use, just make sure to check if the license allows it for your use.

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