Remove Google Fonts From a WordPress Theme

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How to Remove Google Fonts From a WordPress Theme:

If you want to remove Google Fonts from the WordPress theme, you can do so with the help of a child theme. This process requires a basic understanding of PHP and Bash. For users who are not comfortable with these languages, you should skip the first chapter.

Otherwise, you can install OMGF and skip to the second part. Alternatively, you can also use a WordPress plugin to disable Google fonts. In either case, follow the instructions carefully.

Disabling Google Fonts:

One way to disable Google Fonts from your WordPress theme is to enable the “Disable Google Fonts” option in your theme’s settings. You can also disable Google fonts using a free plugin. The plugin is easy to install and doesn’t require any complicated configurations.

Another option is to install a premium plugin that does the same thing. However, it may not be as convenient to use as the free one. Before removing Google Fonts, you should verify that your website is using them. To do this, you can use a tool to look at your site’s HTTP requests.

You can use Pingdom to check your website’s performance. Just enter the URL of the page you want to test and the location of the server. Pingdom will load the results within a few seconds. Once you see the results, check the file request section to see the URL where Google Fonts are being used.

Blocking Google API calls:

If you’re using a WordPress theme with Google Fonts, you’ve probably noticed that your site’s performance isn’t what you want it to be. Google can combine several requests into one, which slows your site down. But blocking Google API calls with Google Fonts in your theme can help speed up your site.

Read on to find out how. Here’s a simple trick to make your theme comply with GDPR and use Google Fonts in your theme without sacrificing performance.

  • First, disable the option to clear your cache and history when you close your browser.
  • This will prevent your browser from using cached fonts, which saves bandwidth.
  • Next, remove any browser extensions that might be blocking Google Fonts.
  • You may need to disable the extensions to determine which one is causing the delay.
  • If you find that a particular extension is causing the delay, disable it.
  • Otherwise, you’ll need to disable the plugin or theme until the issue is resolved.

Using system fonts instead of Google Fonts:

Using system fonts instead of Google Fonts for a WordPress theme is easy to do. If you use a web-based font service, you can find thousands of free, licensed fonts using their API. These fonts are available for download and can be used in any WordPress theme.

You can also purchase web fonts that are hosted on your own server. These fonts can be included in your theme through a single subscription to a service such as Envato Elements. Using system fonts in your WordPress theme is simple if you use a CSS-based font stack.

To use these fonts, you simply need to add a CSS class that specifies which system fonts to use for the specific page you’re working on. The CSS-based CSS-Tricks plugin can help you find the right system fonts for your theme. If you’re not sure which system fonts you should use, check out the CSS-Tricks article for the latest information on system fonts.

Using a WordPress plugin to disable Google Fonts:

If you’re looking for a simple way to disable Google Fonts in WordPress, consider using a plugin. A plugin like Google Fonts Disabler will do the job for you, removing all references to the font from your site. Once installed, it won’t require any configuration on your part.

In addition, it’s compatible with all default WordPress themes, so you can use it without any problems. You should also consider this method if you want to improve the typography of your site. However, remember that loading content from third-party websites will have an impact on page speed.


The reason for this is that the fonts you use on your site will have multiple font files for each family and weight, which can slow down your page’s loading time. Some WordPress plugins and themes are designed to load these fonts automatically.

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