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What is the Best Font Identifier?

There are numerous methods to identify fonts, but a good Font Identifier will help you find the right one quickly. For instance, you can use web fonts. Font Spring, Style Scout, WhatFontIs, or Fontspring. These methods all have their pros and cons, so you should try them all out before making a decision. But which is the best font identifier for you? Read on to find out.

Webfonting it:

A Chrome extension called Webfonting it! is a simple yet convenient way to quickly identify the font on any webpage. It works similarly to the popular WhatsFont extension, in that it allows users to right-click a font to find its attributes. The extension is free to download and is available in the Chrome web store.

It provides an easy-to-understand description of the font you’re looking at and allows you to begin using the font immediately. Another font-identifier extension is Font storage, which allows users to find any font on any website and embed it directly into their webpage.

This Chrome extension is completely safe and free. Users of both browsers can download the extensions. The developers of Webfonting it! provide open source code to enable others to create font identifier extensions for their browsers. There are three types of font identifier extensions:

Font Spring:

There are two ways to find out the name of a font: using a free online tool or using a paid one. Both options have their pros and cons. Using the free service is simpler and quicker, but it will take you longer to find out the name of a font if you are not sure what it is.

The free tool will not help you find out if a font is a serif, sans serif, or script font. Fontspring does have a forum, but it does not have as many features as Fontspring. However, it will give you a font name if you take a picture of it. Using the free tool to find a font is faster and easier, but the resulting match rate is lower.

Using the paid version requires you to manually select the text block to be compared to the free version. It also works best with small samples of text, and suggests close matches, but does not match a full block of text. Ultimately, the free tool is more useful for those who want a font identifier that can be used to find a font.

Style Scout:

The browser extension Style Scout allows you to inspect websites and determine the fonts used in them. It also gives you information about CSS properties and page load time. If you have ever been confused by the fonts used on websites, you can easily resolve this problem by identifying the font identifier with the help of Style Scout.

It’s free, and you can use it on any browser. To use the extension, simply open it in your browser and type in the URL of the website in question. The Style Scout font identifier is a handy extension that uses unique algorithms to identify fonts. You can use it to see the font used in any image. It can also get fonts directly from websites.

This extension provides you with a list of font details, including size, color code, and CSS code. It will also tell you whether the font is free or paid, and let you choose the most appropriate one. You can also use the extension to find font family names, which are often difficult to identify on your own.


A font identifier can save designers a ton of time. WhatFontIs lets you upload a picture with the letterforms you want to use and the site will match it against their database of over 550,000 fonts. The site has a simple interface, and its Synthetic Intelligence ensures that you’ll get the right font for your project.

It’s also extremely easy to use and eliminates the guesswork for designers. It has even been featured as a Product of the Day on Product Hunt. This service has been around since 2010 and has since gained a highly credible reputation among users.

The best thing about WhatFontIs is that it’s free to use. You can search the database by typing in a font name, commercial or free, or you can browse by category. There are even some fonts that you can download for free. For instance, if you’re looking for an icon for a specific font, you can use the WhatFontIs app to download a font for free.

Download Link:

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