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Helvetica Font Squirrel – Alternatives to Helvetica:

If you’ve been looking for a replacement for Helvetica but aren’t sure what to use instead, look no further. This article explores the different fonts available and their similarities and differences. Here are a few other fonts to consider.

Alternatives to Helvetica:

While Helvetica is a popular typeface with many styles, not all applications lend themselves to the typeface’s clean and crisp look. Fortunately, thousands of alternatives to Helvetica font exist, ranging from simple and clean to more modern and funky.

You can also choose from hundreds of other sans-serif styles to add some personality to your design. Listed below are some alternatives to the Helvetica font.


This typeface combines geometric shapes with an appealing vibe. It combines open curves into a rigid form. This free font from Font Squirrel is a popular choice due to its versatility and readability. This font also includes old-style numerals, alternative forms, and letters. While some may prefer Helvetica’s rigid look for their text, others find Roboto to be a more versatile option.


Helvetica is a famous typeface that dates back to 1886, but it is also available under a number of other names. For example, Helvetica Neue and Helvetica font squirrel are virtually the same. The Helvetica font family was purchased by Linotype, which made it difficult to tell the differences between the two versions.

Linotype eventually decided to redraw the whole family, renaming it Neue Helvetica. You can find fonts by searching them online through free font finders, but Font Squirrel offers more than just that. Both of these free, high-quality typefaces are free to download.

The first is the Mistral font, which is based on the Murray Hill typeface and possesses a lively character. This font is made with steel pens and features bounced letters and various sizes. Mistral font and Helvetica font squirrel share a common source, the Mistral font. Both fonts have different styles and weights, and both are free.


Font Squirrel is a repository of web fonts. Many of them are free and may be used for commercial purposes. Font squirrel sources these fonts from creators who wish to share them with others. Font squirrel also advertises that they are 100% free for commercial use.

You may not want to use the free version of a font for your commercial purposes, but it’s definitely worth checking out. These differences can help you decide which typeface is right for your needs.

Font Squirrel also offers two fonts inspired by the same time period. The Railway is a contemporary take on Gill Sans, while Picadilly is inspired by Grotesque sans serifs, such as Helvetica. The latter is rounded, while Picadilly features diamond superscript dots. The other two fonts, Cagliostro and Hanken, have distinct styles that can be used on signage and stationery.

Related fonts:

If you are a fan of Helvetica, you will surely enjoy the variety of Helvetica font squirrel-related fonts available. For instance, a font inspired by vintage transport signage is Railway. It is a contemporary version of Gill Sans and comes with sharp superscript dots.

Another favorite of the Font Squirrel is Karla, which is inspired by Grotesque sans serifs like Helvetica but has a rounded feel. Other fonts inspired by Helvetica, including Cagliostro, have hand-drawn appearances and are ideal for use on stationery and signage.

Another popular typeface is Nexa Rust, which is also available through Font Squirrel. It has numerous sub-families and weights, and it was based on the Alternative Gothic font. Both fonts date back to 1903.

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So here you can download your favorite Helvetica Font Squirrel from the above link. Install the fonts from the list of fonts. Share it with your friends and followers. Here below are the comment section ask your questions in the below section.

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