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How to Add Font to WordPress Elementor?

If you are looking for a simple way to add fonts to your WordPress Elementor theme, you can use the custom fonts feature. In this article, we’ll go over how to add custom fonts to Elementor and how Typekit integrates with the theme seamlessly.

Once you’ve added your fonts to Typekit, they’ll automatically be available in WordPress Elementor. However, if you don’t already have an account, you should create one before using this plugin.

Custom fonts are visible immediately in WordPress Elementor:

  1. You can upload a custom font in your WordPress Elementor theme in the Typography Customizer.
  2. Once you have uploaded the font file, you will see the font available in the Elementor Editor.
  3. You can select the font you want and assign it to specific areas on your website.
  4. You can even change the weight and style of the font in the Elementor panel.
  5. After you have uploaded the custom font, you can use it in various areas of your WordPress Elementor site.

You can add fonts to your theme in two ways: the free method and the pro version. The free method might not work for you. In such a case, you can upgrade to the Pro version and get more editing features. The pro version of Elementor also unlocks many templates.

If you’re unsure whether the free method works for your needs, you can try the paid method. You can download the Pro version of Elementor to see more templates and features.

  • The Elementor Pro version also lets you install custom fonts.
  • To upload a custom font, you must have the correct format and weight.
  • Then, you’ll want to upload it to Elementor so that it shows up immediately.
  • Once you have uploaded the font, you can customize its weight and size.
  • This will maintain the design consistency of your site.
  • Depending on the font that you select, you can also add a comment on the custom font.

Typekit integrates seamlessly with WordPress Elementor:

When integrating a plugin into your website, it can be difficult to keep track of everything. WordPress Elementor is one of the most popular choices. While this plugin was initially free, it has since been made available as a paid subscription.

The paid plans are divided into smaller groups with pricing starting at $12/mo. You can use Elementor on one or multiple websites. If you’re unsure of what plugin is right for your needs, check out this quick guide to integrating Typekit into WordPress Elementor.

WordPress Elementor:

When integrating Elementor into your WordPress website, there are a variety of different integrations that can make it easy to create a custom theme. For example, Elementor is compatible with over 100 WordPress plugins and offers pre-developed integrations. The premium add-ons are designed for those with considerable coding skills.

These options include dozens of website templates and 40 unique Elementor widgets. Choosing the right plugin for your needs is crucial when setting up a WordPress site. There are tons of plugins for WordPress, but Elementor is the most popular by far. Whether you’re an advanced designer or a novice, Elementor is a great choice.

Elementor offers an array of pre-designed templates and allows you to add animations, 3D effects, and Lottie effects to your site. Elementor is also fully WordPress-compliant and removes malicious content when necessary. Additionally, you can use it on a multi-lingual website.

Create a web project to add fonts to WordPress Elementor:

You can use the Elementor editor to add custom fonts to your WordPress website. This is similar to using a plugin like Font face, which provides a graphical user interface. However, you have to generate a font pack first, install it on your server, and then apply it with CSS. This is not completely integrated with Elementor, and you must use CSS to apply to style.

Adobe Typekit is an excellent free option for adding fonts to your WordPress website. The Typekit site offers a variety of free fonts, including oblique and ligatures. You can also install fonts from Typekit independently, which will require you to add the fonts to your CSS file. The Typekit fonts can also be added to a font family group.


Custom fonts are a great way to set up a unique design. They can help your website stand out from the crowd and establish your own brand identity. They also give your WordPress website a sophisticated vibe. You can even use custom fonts to differentiate your site from your competition.

This will ensure that your WordPress website is noticed by visitors. The custom font feature lets you easily customize font styles, sizes, and variations.

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