How to Optimize Fonts in WordPress

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How to Optimize Fonts in WordPress?

If you’re not happy with the default font colors on your site, you can change them in the stylesheet for your theme. To do this, you’ll need to override the styling of any existing elements, such as the body element, which is inherited by all text.

If you’re having trouble with the font colors on your site, here are a few tips to make it faster. Also, make sure to cache fonts in WordPress so that they’re always ready to go.


While prefetching web fonts may be a nice feature, it has its own set of performance tradeoffs. While preloading all fonts at once will reduce the overall load time, it also forces browsers to make multiple high-priority requests for these fonts, delaying the site’s loading.

It’s best to only preload fonts that are absolutely necessary to your site. However, you should consider your audience when choosing a prefetching option. By preloading fonts, you’ll dramatically reduce page load times and improve user experience.

This feature will force your browser to load important fonts early on when you need them. This way, your website will load more quickly and your visitors will notice. By using font preloading, you’ll prevent the Flash of Invisible Text from happening. By default, you’ll need to preload all fonts for your site, but you can also opt not to preload any fonts.


There are a few different ways to optimize fonts in WordPress, and each method is best suited for a particular style of the website.

  • First, you must select the fonts that you would like to use.
  • Once you have chosen them, copy their URL.
  • Then, paste it into the stylesheet of your theme.
  • You can also use a plugin that handles the software side of the process and helps you to optimize fonts without writing code.

Aside from the obvious reasons for using a web font for a website, you should also consider the user’s experience when they visit your site. It will increase the chances of conversions and revenues by improving the user experience.

The fonts on your website have a significant impact on how your website will look, read, and function. This is why font optimization is such an important step in the development process. Learn how to optimize fonts in WordPress so that your website will look better and perform better.

Generate JavaScript code for fonts:

To generate JavaScript code for fonts in WordPress, use the PerfPerf script. This PHP script will change the URL of a font to a valid one. You must have the same theme prefix as the slug of the theme. This step is important for Google Fonts as the syntax for linking to Google Fonts changed recently.

You can’t always control what happens to the URL after you have copied it.

  • To use Typekit, you’ll need to create an Adobe account.
  • Once you do, you can add your fonts.
  • When prompted, type the domain and kit name into the text box and hit “Add fonts.”
  • You’ll get a piece of code that you can paste into your website’s head section.
  • Typekit has two methods to add the code, but they both require a bit of CSS.

Cache WordPress fonts:

One of the best ways to make your WordPress site load faster is to cache your fonts. Plugins and themes load fonts in CSS, so your browser will not use any preload requests when loading the fonts. However, you can also choose to use the auto-optimize settings to force browsers to cache fonts asynchronously.

Here are the steps to cache your WordPress fonts. Just follow the steps below to make your WordPress site load faster.

  • The best way to cache fonts on WordPress is to install a plugin that lets you manage all of your fonts in one place.
  • It’s very easy to do, and the benefit is instant. It helps the website load faster and keeps your visitors happy.
  • Moreover, you can use Google Fonts to add a touch of elegance to your default site.
  • However, if you don’t use the plugin correctly, you may negatively impact the performance of your website.
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