How to Optimize Google Fonts in WordPress

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How to Optimize Google Fonts in WordPress?

There are many ways to optimize Google Fonts on your WordPress website, but most people just don’t know how. Using OMGF, a plugin that hosts Google fonts locally can help. After installing and activating the plugin, you can go to its configuration page and configure Google fonts on your website.

You can also use a CDN to deliver web fonts to your visitors. You can read this article to learn how to optimize Google Fonts on your WordPress website.

OMGF plugin:

If you’re trying to save space on your WordPress website, you’ll probably want to try OMGF. It optimizes Google fonts in WordPress by caching them, reducing DNS requests, and improving your site’s performance. It even uses a GDPR-compliant technique to minimize DNS requests.

However, it is not free. OMGF is available for both free and premium versions, and you’ll find many different ways to use it.

  • To use OMGF, you first need to install the free version of the plugin and activate it.
  • Next, you’ll need to install the PRO version, which requires a license key.
  • The PRO version is a ZIP file that must be uploaded under Plugins>Add New>Upload Plugin.
  • Once you activate the plugin, you’ll see a window with several options for optimizing Google fonts.

Disable and remove Google Fonts from WordPress:

To disable and remove Google Fonts from WordPress, you must first check to see if your website is using fonts. There are some easy ways to do this, including using PHP code or a plugin. If neither of these works, you may have to look for other methods. Here are a few tips to help you.

  • The first step is to determine whether your site is using fonts by checking HTTP requests.
    • Pingdom is a popular tool that can help you check this.
    • It requires you to type in the URL of your page and your server location.
    • Once the results have loaded, you will see that there are requests to the Google fonts URL.
  • The second step is to create a child theme.
    • This method will be easier if you know a little PHP and Bash.
    • However, if you don’t have any knowledge of Bash or PHP, you should skip the first step.
    • You should also install OMGF if you don’t know any Bash or PHP.
    • Regardless of the method you choose, you should have an understanding of the language before attempting to disable or remove Google Fonts.

Set up a local cache of Google Fonts:

Setting up a local cache of Google Fonts for your WordPress website is much easier than making all the files from scratch. You can install the plugin and activate it in your WordPress dashboard. It will download the fonts from Google and remove the remote ones.

Before using Local Google Fonts, you should disable Web Font Loaders. Afterward, you can turn on the plugin and configure it. Using a local cache of Google Fonts is a great way to leverage your browser’s cache and minimize your website’s DNS.

There are dozens of tutorials online that show how to do this, but most of them are complex, long, and tedious. And the steps are basically the same. So what’s the difference? If you’re looking for the fastest possible performance for your site, hosting Google Fonts locally is a better choice.

Use a CDN to deliver web fonts:

When you use a CDN to deliver web fonts for your WordPress website, you can ensure that your site loads faster. When hosting fonts locally, you can cause your website to load slower, because of the DNS lookups. But a CDN is an excellent option because it cuts down on both of these problems and allows you to choose the fonts that load the fastest.

In fact, Google uses a CDN to deliver its web fonts, so the speed you see on Google is far better than on other websites. The most important reason to use a CDN is that it improves the user experience. Using a CDN makes your website faster for visitors, especially if you have a large international audience.

CDNs can also improve website security and stability. Here’s how to use one for your WordPress site. If you’re unsure of which one is best for you, check out the CDN comparison chart to see if it would be a good choice.

Manually exclude font variants from a cache:

When you install the Google Fonts plugin, it will scan the URL and fetch all of the font files from Google’s servers. The plugin will also add a cache version of each font to your WordPress theme. The cached version is loaded from your server rather than Google’s servers, and it will improve the loading time of your website.

The active fonts will appear pre-populated in the same section. You can then use the available options to manage them. In the screenshot below, two of the fonts have been copied. These are Lato and Monsterrat. Importing the whole font library is not recommended, as it would be a significant drain on the server’s bandwidth.


Another way to speed up your site is to choose a font family that’s readable for everyone. If you choose a sans-serif font, for instance, the font family will be smaller. It will be easier for you to read text when it’s in a smaller font family, and it will look more readable on the web. Using Google Fonts will give your website a fresh look without the need to change the theme.

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